5 golden rules for perfect digital magazine designing

Digital magazines are widely embraced by the readers due to the extent to which technology makes them easier to keep and use. The potential of mobile devices can be easily exploited by sticking to certain principles. Professional service providers for magazine designs abide by a number of tips that are highly operative.  We have here discussed 5 of them which will certainly create an impression in front of the reading masses.

magazine design
Magazine designing tips

1. Simple layouts

What makes a publication stand out is certainly its content but the layout also plays an important role in deciding its worth. Simple contrasting layouts are generally accepted by readers. They offer bright highlighted contents and many open spaces to showcase the images. Previewing a few works of a reputed magazine designing service provider will definitely help you with some cool ideas on how to theme your work.

2. Images and illustrations

Wise use of images and drawings will help to enhance reading experience. According to a top graphic design company, cover image must match the theme of the book or its brand. High quality pictures which are free for public use can be considered if your company is in its budding stage.

3. Usage of proper fonts

Font usage is also an important aspect like using the correct images. While the cover image gives a first impression, properly selected fonts that are readable and not too decorated leaves a lasting impression for the book. It is worth to consider a point size in between 15 and 25 pixels.

4. Quality of the magazine

Try not to flatten the text or decrease the font usage as readers of the magazine requires an exceptional reading experience. It is advised not to spoil the vibrant looks by trying to undersize the file.

5. Performance factor

The newly created size must match that of available PDFs in the app store. Try to pack all the data in less than 50 MB so that there is enough room for readers to download the book when required. Images can be easily cropped to keep below 150 ppi.

These 5 tips are simple and exceptionally useful. They stimulate acceptance by enhancing the reading experience. Magazine layout design service providers offer help to those who don’t want to spend more time and money after all the design constraints.