Aerial photography editing : Some of the beneficial tips

drone photography editing tips
Aerial photo editing tips and tricks

Photography has made its way into the marketing strategies of almost every industry. The visual appeal of photos creates an instant effect in the minds of the audience. It is for this reason why almost every company is outsourcing their photo editing services to experts.

Well, coming to aerial photography, these are extensively being used in planning land-use, commercial advertising, production of movies and other industries. It is important to polish and refine these images before being integrated in business. Editing of aerial photos needs special skills. Certain aerial photography editing tips that you will find beneficial while editing aerial photos are brought together here.

Dealing with composition and cropping

When a photo is taken from behind the lens, the photographer has a control over the composition of the image. However, this is not always possible in case of aerial photography. When the photo is taken from a drone, it is not possible to determine a perfect frame. Therefore, it is necessary to crop off the excess area and fix the necessary frame. The experts eliminate useless objects from the image using advanced tools. You need to optimize the composition layout. Therefore, it is important to determine the essential and unessential objects in the image.

Two key composition layouts are used in photography. These are

  • The Triangle
  • The Rule of Thirds

In triangle compositions, the experts arrange the essential objects in a triangular shape in the image. These look pleasing to the eyes and are well-balanced. This composition layout is often used in portraits.

However, the Rule of Thirds is the most relevant composition layout used in photography. Here, the image is divided into nine parts, with two lines dividing it horizontally and another two lines vertically. The points of intersections of these lines are the best areas to insert the important objects. This is done because the eyes of the viewers are drawn to these particular areas naturally.

Eliminating objects

Unlike diagrams, the frames in photos contain unwanted objects. These are to be removed from the frame while editing drone photos, so that they do not distract the attention of the viewers. Image editing experts use advanced software for various photo editing, like Photoshop to remove these elements. For instance, if the image is taken from a drone, the shadow of the drone may be a part of the background in the frame. Other objects and birds may also come into the frame. You can enhance the quality of aerial photos by removing these objects in a flawless manner.

Colour correction

Well, the white colour you see, or the visible light during the day, is a combination of every colour. When the light reflects on the surface of an object, it gets reflected before our eyes process it. In colour correction, certain colours are filtered out to enhance the presentation of the image. It is important to set the right colour, as it creates the desired mood for the viewer. You will come across a number of tools that can help you to correct the colour. For instance, if the photo is captured under overcast conditions, the photo editors increase the colour saturation effect to add a slight tinge to the background. When photos are used commercially, it is important to maintain its quality, irrespective of the conditions when it was taken.

You may also de-saturate an image, where the intense effect of colours becomes mild, bringing a cool effect in the image though strategic drone image processing.

Integrating the Golden Hour effect

The time before sunset or just after sunrise is known as magic hour, or golden hour. The nomenclature has been so made, as it is the best time to click pictures or take videos. In these conditions, the light seems amazing and the shadows are long. The sunlight comes with a reddish glow, which makes it look beautiful.

Well, when you use the ‘Golden Hour Effect’, you can get this effect in the image, even when you do not click them at the specific hours. It enhances the quality of images, as they get the ideal shade of light. Various tools are available for integrating this effect.

Haze and contrast

When an object is captured from a distance vertically over it, the colour of the atmosphere interferes with the image. One cannot make out the actual distance between the camera and the object. In these occasions, the images become hazy, which can degrade its quality. Well, an effective way to fix this haziness is to adjust the contrast. You may increase it a bit, until it becomes clear enough. However, increasing too much can ruin the whole appearance and professionals offering drone image editing services stay away from doing so.

Reducing noise

One of the drawbacks of drone photography is that for it one cannot set long exposure times, in order to cope up with low-light during night or twilight. In these cases, the photos develop visual distortion. This is commonly known as noise. Images with these distortions resemble old photos with film grains. When the photo develops large blemishes and spots, its quality drops, ruining its visual appeal.

Well, you can minimize noise if you have the noise reduction option in your camera. This can reduce the unpleasant effect to a considerable extent. However, it is necessary to use a photo editing software to eliminate these spots. You need to adjust the luminance to remove the blemishes and enhance the quality of the photo during the phase of drone photography editing post processing.

Blurred images

Photos become blurred when the subject moves with the shutter of the camera open. Although it is used to indicate motion, the image gets ruined most of the time. Large patches of blurred areas cannot be fixed, but you may use a photo editing tool to remove small marks. You can fix it by using the ‘sharpness’ tool, available in various image editing software. In certain pixels, the contrast gets increased when you incorporate this tool, making the edge harder.

However, it is necessary to take care while using the ‘sharpness’ tool, as it may create additional noise in the image.

You will find these drone photography editing tips and techniques beneficial when you edit aerial photos. Companies mostly hire experts providing real estate airborne photo editing services for this kind of editing. These experts are exceptionally skilled to strategically remove all the flaws and thus enhance images for optimum visibility.