3 Major principles of Graphic Designing

05 October in Graphic designing

Optimal use of colors and a good understanding of typography may not always provide the perfect result as there may be certain missing elements. Few design principles are to be kept in mind during the process so as to achieve best outcomes. Numerous graphic design...

Brochure design - beginners guide

5 brochure design tips for beginners

29 September in Graphic designing

Advertising is unavoidable for any venture that is serious about its business. Brochures are really effective in promoting the products or services of a company. However it must be assured that the designing is done excellently. Below are few of the most important brochure design...

Panoramic photo stitching

9 step process for panoramic photo stitching

31 August in Photo editing

Combing images helps you to perceive the context in more detail. This technique has innumerable benefits other than that.  The good news is that creating panoramic images is now quite easy using Photoshop. The below steps will guide you in getting the desired results. This...