Advanced clipping path in photoshop

14 October in Photo editing

Sometimes a photograph with you may have a repulsive background and sometimes the background may be salvageable. In all such scenarios, the savior for you is clipping path in Photoshop. Photoshop editing is also about modifying the image in a realistic manner. Even when the...

Operative eBook development tips

Operative eBook development tips

03 October in eBook conversion

Owing to the rapid boom of digitization, eBooks have emerged to be the most preferred source for information exchange and reading.  As authors as well as publishers want their work to be displayed worldwide, understanding the process of eBook creation is important. More important is...

computer assisted telephone interviewing

Computer assisted telephone interviewing tricks

19 September in Call center

These days, telephonic interviews are comparatively a huge investment when you can get data from online surveys at really cheap rates. But still the effectiveness of CATI is what makes it a more preferred choice by majority of companies. However the concerned professional should be...

virtual assistant

Best ways to use a virtual assistant

01 August in Call center

Whether you are planning to start a business or grow your already established venture to next level, tying up with a reliable partner to outsource virtual assistant services can bring you great benefits. The challenge is identifying the right tasks to outsource. Though the best...