Backup and disaster recovery

Disaster Management and Recovery

All call centers of WinBizSolutions consists of impeccable disaster recovery services to meet every client requirement based on operations or geography. Most of the customer support services in India have established business continuity centers both in India and foreign by strategically associating with several other centers to provide beneficial and timely services. All of these centers are well organized to offer matchless business continuity services ranging from prevention of mishaps and preparedness to meet challenges offering immediate responses or full-scale recovery. As a comprehensive disaster recovery services provider, we have created valuable services that encompass various business elements such as people, physical site, information technology, data back-up or recovery, and timely risk management.

Disaster Recovery Solutions at WinBizSolutions

Effectively leveraging the Hot, Warm, and Cold recovery processes, all the Indian call centers are prepared to meet the requirements of the clients and offer diverse support against any sort of site failures as per the unique business continuity needs of the clients. If you need the best, most effective, and prepared recovery solutions, below are the ones you should opt. There are also location-based methods which can be at the site itself, the state, or the country, where the business carries out its operations.

  1. Hot Disaster Recovery

    It is difficult for any businesses to endure the downtime. Therefore, the best way to ensure business continuity for call centers without ambiguity is by implementing the disaster recovery plan. In Hot Disaster Recovery, we effectively synchronize all the technical infrastructural changes from the database, system configuration, and content in the real-time. It will showcase the preparedness of the outsourcing company for offering the mission-critical service propositions. In this method, the recovery site is always active, and the recovery will begin instantaneously with the systems already configured.

  2. Warm Disaster Recovery

    In this case, all the needed infrastructure such as the workstations, furniture, and cabling are set up. In case of an emergency, it only needs to install the required programs and redirect the WLAN for the center to become online.

  3. Cold Disaster Recovery:

    In this method, there may be two different operating centers fortified with extra furniture pieces and cabling. If the operations in a center are shut down, we can effectively move it to the second center. The method might take a few days as the workstations are to be set up, and there must be the redirection of WLAN.

Preventive and Backup Disaster Recovery Strategies at WinBizSolutions

When a business wants to assess the possibility and scale of the contingencies that may come up in the future, the severity and complexity of the task can be discerned by effectively studying the situation well in advance and document the same for effective DR solutions.

The following elements need to be thought of while trying to keep the business up and running:

  • Insurance protection
  • Backup and recovery for IT systems
  • Required equipment and premises backup and recovery
  • Customer support backup and recovery
  • Operations and administrations backup and recovery
  • Documentation and information backup and recovery

However, most companies rely on the following aspects to safeguard their data.

Benefits of Outsourcing to us

All our disaster recovery call centers are equipped and created to meet any urgent needs of the clients as soon as they come up. These can be considered as just like any other operating center enabling customers to carry out their job with ease without giving a hint of difference.

We will provide the clients with the below facilities along with their real-time access to

  • Cutting edge technologiesalong with trained personnel
  • State-of-the-art and highly scalable hosting amenities
  • Data center marked at the enterprise-class
  • Exceptional and robust system for data backup andrestoration
  • Internet connectivity having high-speed
  • Impeccable systems for information security such as IDS and Firewall
  • Backup power systems
  • Workstations, all kinds of peripherals, network connection, communication means.
  • Personnel having excellent skills in administrative, operational and technical frontiers.
  • Flawless growth with 99.99% reliability.

We carefully build the required infrastructure of our system based on surplus, high-speed and consistent data or voice networks that operate on the best, robust, and most scalable technologies. We make sure that our integrity and quality of service are ensured by the International Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs). Thus, all the technological infrastructure of the center will be effectively backed-up from the storage systems, processors, servers, and leased lines to the fully functional backup and generator systems.

All our facilities and disaster backup call center professionals work in tandem with each other to ensure that your services or call center will be resumed back online in no time. Most of the times, we make sure that our services rendered to the clients will exceed their recovery expectations and needs.

If you are looking to outsource your requirements for availing the best disaster recovery services in India, then choosing us as your disaster recovery support provider will be one of your best decisions You can fill out the inquiry form present on our website. We assure that one of our client support teams willimmediately contact you after receiving your request..

Wonder what kind of recovery strategy would be suitable for your business and needs? Contact WinBizSolutions and choose from the best plan we have. Or better yet, create one bespoke as needed by your unique requirement.

Ensure high flexibility and business continuity by opting our disaster recovery solutions that can protect your virtual or physical system regardless of its location with unparalleled efficiency and professionalism.

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