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Having served over hundreds of esteemed publishing houses and authors across the globe, WinBizSolutionsIndia has earned an unrivaled and priceless experience in delivering quality Kindle conversion services at affordable prices.

With the rise in popularity in Amazon’s eBook reader, we have developed customized services to serve the interests of the growing eReading population. Our comprehensive Amazon Kindle eBook conversion and formatting services can help authors and publishing houses in achieving unprecedented growth and success.

Benefits of Kindle eBook Conversion

Amazon Kindle is definitely a leading eBook format in present times. One of the most vital features of this format is its compatibility with several reading platforms such as Smartphones based on Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry. .Amazon provides the opportunity to download and read kindle samples absolutely free of cost.

With Kindle publishing, you can start excavating the maximum benefits from the most profitable industry of eBook publishing. Associate with us to convert your scanned books or hard copies into error-free, superior quality Kindle eBooks.

We do not rely on outdated tactics; we fine-tune our processes and people in terms of technological upgrades to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality eBook publishing outcomes from us.

Supported Inputs for Kindle File Format Conversion

We are skilled to handle countless formats for Kindle Conversion process. You can simply send us the hard copies including magazines, books, novels etc., which are first scanned using our high-quality scanners that are noted for high capacity. After that, they are sent for OCR processes. Finally, the document is converted into the Mobipocket format

Among the multiple input formats we handle are:

  • Hard and scanned copies
  • MS Word documents
  • Adobe InDesign
  • QuarkXPress documents
  • HTML and XML files
  • PDF and text files

Converting a format into the Kindle format is something really time-consuming and tiring. You have to be very careful and a lot of factors need to be considered. A certain level of expertise is needed to get the work done with perfection. When you reach us to get your job done, we guarantee 100% accuracy and quality. Also, our turnaround time is among the shortest in the industry.

Our Experts Convert the following Book Types in the Kindle eBook Format

  • Adobe PDF to KF8  and .Mobi formats
  • HTML and Text to .Mobi  and  KF8 formats
  • Adobe InDesign to Kindle format
  • Adobe PDF to KF8 format
  • Word to KF8  and  .Mobi formats
  • XML to .Mobi and Kindle KF8 formats
  • ePub to Kindle format
  • Printed Books, Material to .Mobi  and KF8 formats
  • QuarkXPress Document files to Kindle format

Why are our Kindle conversion services the best?

  • Our services are noted for the professionalism of the employees and their commitment to meet deadlines under all circumstances.
  • We have the best staff who can efficiently handle the Kindle KF8 format conversion process.
  • We are always there for our clients even after project completion.
  • We use our own unique and state-of-the-art quality monitoring and error-checking measures.
  • At every level of project advancement, we make sure that all processes are 100% perfect and error-free.
  • We use proven procedures to handle all your requirements with regard to eBook Formatting Services.
  • Our experts are adept at handling Kindle formatting , fixed layouts, scalable vector graphics etc.
  • Our cost effective pricing allows customers with varied budgets to use our services easily.

Our quality and affordable digital conversion services attract people across the globe. We exclusively provide Amazon Kindle conversion services to individuals, publishers, libraries, authors, institutions, etc.

Collaborate with us on Kindle eBook conversion. We guarantee quality and timeliness.

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