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B&N Nook eBook conversion

Over the years, WinBizSolutions has been instrumental in producing quite a large number of Nook fixed layout eBooks with impeccable quality, all complying with the best industry standards.

One of the most distinguished advantages of these eBooks is that the layout of eBooks is fixed according to the application on which the same is read. Highly useful to almost all types of ePub designs, this format is helpful to make the content of the eDocument come in perfect tandem with the design of the eBook. Similar features like the zoom and pan that are found in iBooks are also supported by both Nook Tablet and applications. The difference though lies in Barnes & Noble’s digital replica plus scheme. This format helps a reader to have great and soothing reading experience irrespective of the application or device on which the eBook is read.

Nook Fixed Layout Conversions by WinBizSolutions

Our conversion team provides stunning and appealing visuals, so that book readers can enjoy reading without any difficulties.

Some of the categories of fixed layout eBook that are provided by us

  • Children books
  • Academic books
  • Company reports and manuals
  • Novels
  • Cookery book
  • Restaurant guides
  • Travel guides
  • Learning materials
  • STM books
  • Business guide

Features of our Nook Fixed Layout eBooks Conversion Service

Animations and graphical layout
sophisticated graphical layout

Our fixed layout eBook conversion services provide you a totally new experience of interactive eBook conversion. We enhance the semantic value of your books with sophisticated and dedicated graphical layouts incorporating animations, musical and sound effects, voice-overs, games, puzzles and quizzes. Exceptional 2D animation and 3D animation services are provided in a way bringing your contents in sync with these designs.

Page zooming
page zoom feature

Without compromising the quality and clarity of the content, our specific Nook fixed layout eBooks format ensures zoom in and out feature for the entire page or its part.

Media embedding
embed media

Our eBook publishing services make the eBooks more fascinating and interactive for the readers by embedding audio and video files in them.

Technical accuracy
technically accurate

Our experts supplement your e-book interface with annotations, cross references and footnotes to ensure their technical accuracy.

Audio Narration
quality audio narration

Audiobooks are more preferred these days. Our services hence, incorporate a unique feature of audio narration, with highlighting each word as it is narrated.

Why Outsource Nook Fixed Layout Format Conversion to Us?

Our innovative and customer centric approach has helped us to build up a vast client base internationally as well as domestically. We always value the client’s relationship with us and support them ceaselessly till their requirements are best fulfilled. Some of the other benefits of outsourcing to us are listed below

  • Our staffs have above reproach proficiency and experience in catering to a number of intricate requirements.
  • We can work under stringent schedules without compromising on quality.
  • We use only tested, proven and reliable eBook conversion tactics and measures to complete a project.
  • We always look out for the latest advancements and developments in the realm of conversion business.
  • Our professional digital conversion team responds meritoriously and consciously to meet the client requirements in all circumstances.
  • We employ state-of-the-art error detection and quality management system.
  • Each project undertaken by us is managed by effective project management tools and techniques.
  • We see to it that all projects carried out by us are progressing at the rate expected.
  • Quality guidelines and stipulations set by the client is best complied with.
  • Quick turnaround time and affordable pricing.

We retain our position in the vanguard of excellence when it comes to Nook comics related nook fixed layout ePub conversion services.

As a professional eBook conversion company, we target to supply the best digital conversion solutions along with a fantastic variety of services to the consumers from all over the e-publishing sector.

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