Photo Editing FAQs

How can I send images to you or place an order?

Just send images through FTP, drop box or we transfer etc.. In case if the uploading time seems to be high for huge volumes, just courier us the soft-copies in USB drive, hard disk, DVD or External Drive.

When can I expect back the work?

Normally, we give back you the edited images within 24 hours but in the event of any urgency, higher volumes or complexity, delivery time can be fine-tuned. After getting the requirement, we will make a study and intimate the best possible turnaround time for your project.

To what all businesses and people you serve?

We offer over services for various industry customers from every part of the globe. Our clientele encompasses design studios, advertising agencies, eCommerce companies, event management companies, real estate companies, catalog companies, photographers and individuals from all walks of life in need of any sort of photo enhancement.

What is the size limit to upload photos?

There is in fact no such limit. Let us know an approx. total size for the images and we would provide you with an FTP to quickly and safely upload your images without any hassles.

What are the formats and resolutions in which the photos are to be sent?

You can send the images in any format and resolution you please. Just tell us in what format and resolutions we should send you back the images. People with us are experts and they are efficient to work on all formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, CR2, GIF, PSD, NEF, DNG and RAW etc.

Will you provide any free image editing samples for a check?

Yes! We would be happy to provide you with some free samples of image editing so that you can gauge our skill, quality and timeliness.

How do you charge for the project?

Normally, we charge on per image basis for image retouching. The post-processing rates fluctuate based on the type of images and complexity involved. Initially, we offer you a free trail and this helps us to analyze the effort and time that need to be invested for your project. Based on that we would send you the most reasonable quote. There are different packages as well.

What are your company’s working hours?

Our office starts on Monday and we work till Saturday every week. The timings are 7.00 am to 11.00 pm IST However, on special requests we even work on weekends or Sundays.

How can I pay you?

Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer would be fine.

Do you in any way take credits of the client’s images or share the same to any third party?

We never do so and keep your data completely confidential and secured. We never merge, distribute, sell, sublicense or even publish your images anywhere. Our company signs NDA and any other documents if needed to keep you safe and at comfort.

How do you ensure the image quality?

We have strict quality control procedures in place for every single project, no matter how complex they are. For a project, the concerned project manager creates and defines the QC process based on the difficulty level and other factors. The QC team checks images multiple times before delivery to assure that the quality is sky-high and in line with customer guidelines.

What are the benefits that you offer?

By outsourcing photo editing services to us, entire benefits of contracting out is availed including highest quality, swifter delivery and economical pricing. We also offer 24/7/365 customer support. Our team is committed to deliver you works even before the agreed time while retaining quality standards to unmatched echelons.