No matter whatever the event was and how much extravagant it was, without photos and photography, it always seems incomplete. Album designing services is one of the main fortes of WinBizSolutionsIndia and we guarantee remarkable outcomes. The photos captured may be of great quality but when it comes to the albums, designing process determines the grace.

We have an exceptionally talented team of creative artists who think out of the box and take roads least traveled or untraveled to explore innovative ways of doing things, especially when it comes to wedding photo album design services.

We offer Photo Book Design Services for

  • Photo retouching

    Each photo can be retouched to enhance its appeal and eliminate the deficiencies that were proving eyesore. We can help you out with

    • Blemish removal & wrinkles
    • Photo manipulation
    • Skin tone improvement
    • Whitening of teeth
    • Scar removal from skin
    • Background addition to photos like sky and clouds
    • Elimination of unwanted objects
    • Adding grace to body
    • Swapping head

    Your photo book album design would certainly have its own distinctive character with our services.

  • Color correction

    For making the colors more visually appealing, we use advanced tools to complement picture’s theme with color modification. To make colors blossom, correct balance has to be struck between different hues in image and maintaining the naturalness of different tones and shades. We can expertly do the same for your wedding album design and other images to make them timeless and memorable.

  • Creatives

    Images are redesigned by us using tailored special effects and high quality, unique filters that you won’t come across elsewhere. Each image is creatively enhanced by us to ensure that it becomes an object to cherish for long. The personalize images with attractive styling can be gifted to your close ones or can be used as your profile identity. The images are also print optimized to ensure highest quality physical rendering.

Different Wedding Album Design styles we offer


Traditional album services include several aspects associated with old-style knotted album.  Here in this design there is no opaqueness, overlying, full-page images or panoramic spreads. Photos will be placed on pure black backgrounds and the borders will be white. In addition to the said, we will not add any color images along with the black and white ones without your request.


Our team indulged in modern albums avails a simple and neat magazine style. Here also no image overlaps or any level of opacity is there. Images may either be on black backgrounds or white backgrounds. There will not be any borders. There will be some sort of symmetry with all the openings. Normally, black and white images are not mixed up with color images.


If you opt for this, our designers get complete flexibility. In this category, with no strings attached, our designers play wildly with colors, themes, topographies, opacity and all elements ‘n’ times to reach a final design that is unique, professional and inventive. Color images are mixed with black and white ones; everything unusual and extraordinary is done.

Our Photo Album Designing approach

  • Your album cover design needs are reviewed  by our experts
  • Our team discusses your requirements and specifications prior to starting the work
  • Once your preferences are sorted out, we help you in selecting best photos for the album
  • Our experienced album designers would work closely with you to suggest the best option
  • Images are chosen to build a storyline which viewers can relate to
  • Once the album layout is finalized, photo touch up as required is done
  • Album is designed and the photos to be stacked on each page are shortlisted
  • We share our ideas with you to get your suggestions for incorporation
  • Once you finalize the design, album building process starts with optimum perfection
  • Our team extends all support to you whenever you reach out to us

The above steps convey the usual style of our functioning. However, based on your requirements, we alter our methods to best complement your unique needs.

Outsource Photobook Album Design Services to us and enjoy seamless benefits

Several unmatched upsides are guaranteed if you seek our assistance for wedding album layout design related requirements.

  • Advanced software programs & tools along with needed infrastructure assure complete professionalism.
  • Based on the event nature, style preferred and time frame, we have a specialized team to execute the project.
  • Wedding photo post processing services is an area in which we specialize.
  • Teams with us is a blend of veterans and fresher; so best outputs will surface through enough brainstorming.
  • Affordable rates are assured and different packages are there to select from.

We focus on making available top-notch album designing along with photography editing services for photographers. Studios indulged in professional wedding photography serves as one of our main client clusters. If you are planning to design by yourself or buy some cheap commercial template, you will be losing significantly as quality is sacrificed. So, the best thing for you to do is to rely on a company providing professional photo album design.

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