Workflow followed by a typical photo editing company

Workflow followed by a typical photo editing company
Digital photo editing workflow

For professionals offering wedding photography editing services, Adobe Lightroom doubtlessly is a reliable and in fact great tool. This is capable of making the whole process smoother and swifter. However developing a workflow is imperative to assure excellence. Let us see an operative one among many.

Time sync

Keep your cameras time-synched if multiple cameras are used. Normally when a snap is taken, the camera automatically provides a time stamp to the image. When these photos are imported to Lightroom, automatic sorting is done. Also batch editing becomes stress-free as you can view all the images in order. This can be really helpful for those involved in the task; a lot of time is saved.

Import photos

It is always preferred to import photos from your system rather than importing directly into Lightroom from the memory card.  Getting the images on desktop and then to the software will give you the previews.  This can give you better insights even before starting the actual editing process.

Sort out the right ones

You obviously don’t want to use all the snaps taken during the event. After the photos importing and rendering is done, flag those images that you want to retain. “P” key can be used for the purpose. All duplicate, blurry or unprofessional photos can be avoided and right ones can be filtered. You can categorize the snaps based on your favoritism.

Export as catalog

After the images are chosen, export them as a catalog from EDIT. This newly created catalog will get saved to the external hard disk with the entire flagged images. On the completion of export, the companies offering  photo editing services for wedding photographers usually delete all the garbage photos. This is the right thing to do.

Final editing

Now you can actually start the editing process and the skills you have needs to be used in a maximum creative manner.  After completion of editing, create collections and export. This finishes the job.

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