Modern brochure design ideas

Tips for effective brochure design

Advertising is unavoidable for any venture that is serious about its business. Brochures are really effective in promoting the products or services of a company. However it must be assured that the designing is done excellently. Below are few of the most important brochure design tips and tricks for beginners.

  1. Images and colours must be used optimally

    The colour you choose plays a crucial role in deciding the charm of your material. A typical brochure design company houses experts who are adept in colour psychology and they know the impact each colour can make on the target audience. Also the images must complement the message that you want your marketing materials to convey. High quality images that look attractive and suits your purpose must be selected.

  2. It is always better to use less

    Keeping things simple always helps. Lesser fonts should be used or else it may not please the viewers as complications shun away people. Also too many images or text may ruin the whole purpose. Conveying your message through least text would grab amazing results for you. Most of the companies offering brochure design services have professional copywriters with them who can fill in the design with adequate words.

  3. Proper flow must be there

    There should be a proper flow for elements within a brochure so that communication to the prospects are free of any hitches. Almost all people first check the images followed by headings. Only after that they scan the text and details. So, it is vital to make your message reflect from images and the headlines you use.

  4. Maintain consistency

    The gracefulness of design should be consistently maintained. Text, images and whitespaces etc. should be used consistently. Rather than using chunks of text, it is better to break them down and use bullet points. Make use of consistent line spacing and keep the paragraphs short. It would make the design legible and more attractive.

  5. Copy edit and proofread before you print

    No matter how much carefully you carry out the designing processes, there are always chances of error. So, most of the companies offering professional services have a separate team for copyediting and proofreading the final material. This must be considered with immense prominence to confirm that the final product delivered is flawless.

  6. Take functionality into consideration

    The design of the brochure may appear simple, but it must be functional enough for the readers to browse through. You need to include surprises that can inspire viewers to go through the entire brochure content. Just loading information in plain format won’t help you.
    Have the brochure designed in a manner that the cover gets folded upon opening and attractive patterns are revealed. The pattern must be in sync with color and style of page that introduces. This arrangement would convey a strong impression on viewers.

  7. Use simple shapes for creating impact

    To make the brochure engaging, you need to insert fun elements in the same. Using shapes that resemble geographic features for callouts would inspire and sustain the interests of readers.
    The illustrative style can be rendered stronger by using a dash of color in the background which would make the message more legible and alluring. You can also give three dimensional appearances to the callouts to grab the attention of viewers to important points.

  8. Embrace a Linear design approach

    Brochures need not resemble a traditional book in appearance. If readers have to flip the pages of the brochure which is bound at the middle, they won’t find it interesting. Use a linear design model to make the brochure fold out and stretch in exciting ways. You can make the brochure appear like an accordion with the page folds aesthetically arranged. It is better to make the brochure convey a sense of continuity by making all content visible in one go.

  9. Insert Physical Objects in Creative manner

    Often in business brochure, you may like to include some goodies or information items like product CD/ DVD. You can accomplish this in visually appealing manner. You may not just push the physical item in at the backside of the brochure. Instead, go for creative sleeve within the brochure where the object is tucked in a manner that it would pop out once the brochure is unfolded.
    You can add dimensional expansion to the brochure’s interior with proper pop up design for the object included. This would pique the interest of readers.

  10. Be creative with out of box approach

    The design of the brochure need not be plain.The pamphlet format which is flat often dissuades readers. For making the brochure interactive, go for a 3-Dimensional shape.
    The design should be compelling enough to keep the reader engrossed. You can browse online resources to get innovative ideas for your brochure design.

  11. Bring in Interesting Shapes

    Your brochure need not have rectangular or square pages like a book or copy. The ultimate aim is to promote your marketing brochure optimally in alignment with your business vision.
    You can bring in various shapes for brochure design like circular patterns, triangular section, heart shapes or anything creative. The folding pattern of the shapes should be interesting enough to motivate readers to browse the entire brochure. The shape should be strategic so that when one fold is moved by the reader, another important message comes across.

  12. Carry Out Cool Tweaks

    You can have a standard format for your brochure without any embellishment. Inserting subtle tweaks can still make the design interesting. For example, you can round the edges or corners of the brochure to make it more reader friendly. The image color tones can be kept warm. Soft colors soothing to the eyes can be used. This helps in driving home the message easily.

  13. Choose the Printing Material Carefully

    You can make the material used for printing the brochure complement your promotional theme. To give an environmental conscious feel to your business, you can go for recyclable printing matter with green hues. If you choose to showcase your brand as industry heavy, you can go for a material and color combination that carry blue collared look. You can embrace an earthy touch by using brighter green tone on recycled printing material.

  14. Heighten the Graphic Touch with Textures

    Often, you may find that simple photos are not able to convey your message properly. To overcome this problem, you can opt for textures and use the color patterns in them for highlighting your point. This would prove more effective than using plain or pallid colors.
    If your subject matter is uninspiring, you can render the same appealing by using graphic elements to enhance the visual feel. Try to create proper contrast between the pages with variation in colors of textures. This would also add dimension to the brochure.

  15. Maintain the Fun Element

    Serious content can be boring to readers who have short attention span. Using quirky illustrations,attractive colors, and other art work. This would give your brochure youthful and happening look.
    With fun elements as an integral part of the overall design, you offer your viewers the freedom to interpret the brochure in the manner they deem suitable. This would increase the impact of the advertising and would bring out more emphatic action from audiences in your favor.

  16. Use a Concise Size

    It is not important to use larger size print material always to be more eye-catching. It is better to use smaller, handy design which can present the information in easily readable manner. Smaller brochures make it easier to hold and carry. The brochure can fit into the pocket of the reader also. The exciting shape can also boost the interest of reader.

  17. Break the Stereotype

    It is our habit to read the brochure from left to right direction and then downwards before proceeding to subsequent page. Instead of having multiple pages, the matter can be published in a single leaf. The ends that can be folded can serve as pages. Relevant information can be presented in the interior. Branding can be effectively done through flaps.

  18. Leverage the Perspectives

    Brochure typography need not be like book type, straight and simple. You can generate the interest of the readers by adding unique angles. Visual items can be effectively leveraged. Use patterns to attract the attention of the readers on specific portions of the brochure. Make the typography complement the visual styling.

  19. Use die cuts optimally

    You can display information in unique manner with the help of die cuts. The photo beneath a checkerboard is revealed through die cuts on it. The entire image or information is not shown in a single go. Only certain portions are shown for creating interest among viewers and inspiring them to explore further.

  20. Factor In the Mode of Display

    Before the brochure reaches the hands of audiences, you need to display it strategically. Your brochures may be stacked upright in desk, or spread evenly across counter. The type of area you have visualized for displaying your brochures to public must be factored in during designing.
    The area of display should be correlated to the brochure’s design to give a professional look during display. It would also motivate readers to pick up the brochure and leaf through.

  21. Incorporate changes confidently

    Never give same visual feel to all your brand brochures. Present the information in brochures that sport intriguing looks which inspires with fresh aesthetic feel. The readers should have all the choice.
    Each brochure should have its own distinctive character. You can put the black and white or monochromatic pages underneath the colored ones. Bring in refreshing change with confidence.

  22. Cleverly Display the Message

    If you want to display the message in an interesting way, you can present the same innovatively with proper play of the paper of brochure. Try to fold the paper of the brochure uniquely in alignment with your promotional vision. Think about newer ways to put forth the message so that readers can relate with the same. With a simple change, you can showcase numerous possibilities.

  23. Accentuate the pages

    You can use accent pages in innovative manner within the brochure to drive home your point convincingly. The pages can be accented to enhance the appeal of the design. Even if there is no information displayed on the page, it can serve to generate and hold the interest of readers. They serve to break the monotony of appearance and make readers commit attention to individual elements.

  24. Embrace Distinctive Visual elements

    When you have to display subjects’, which are difficult for the reader to comprehend, you can present the same in visually enticing manner with distinctive brochure designs. With proper folds, you can infuse more energy into the content and make the readers visualize in the direction you want.

  25. Never be confined by Limits

    Try to transcend set boundaries and limited thought processes. Try to fold the brochure in a manner that it can be opened easily for peeking inside. To make the brochure have a professional as well as personal touch to it, you can include sleeves or design components. Often to get to the pages of the brochure, you have to move past the sleeve. This would make readers see the content of sleeve.

  26. Always make your purpose get reflected

    Whether you are using innovative or single page format, the purpose of designing your brochure should be clearly visible. The design should be done with a purpose i.e. to make the user relate with content and understand in a better manner what you are trying to articulate. Refrain from presenting information in plain format. Capitalize on the trend of functional designs.

The aforesaid tips can be implemented for creating showstopper brochures that would turn the spotlight on your product or service. The aim of presenting promotional material through brochure is to generate the interest of audiences and make them take an informed buying decision. Your reader should be the ultimate consideration.

Finally use a professional printer and this is also an important tips for beginners. Most people ignore this but your whole effort may go in vein if the printer used is of low quality.

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