The eBook conversion service providers have been in demand ever since eBooks were introduced. Even Amazon has revealed that the sales of digital books are already exceeding the printed versions. It is also one of the reasons why publishers and authors are chasing the best quality eBooks.

The quality of eBooks is not just determined by the content used but how well it is showcased. It means that the e-books must be able to grab the reader’s attention and keep them engaged.

Tips to find the right peopple for ebook conversion


Nowadays, creating digital books have become easier with the different eBook conversion software and tools. However, it is only beneficial when you only have one to two books for conversion. But, what if there are more? Will it be convenient enough to do it yourself?

We all know the answer to this question and it’s a big NO. The alternative way to achieve good quality eBooks is by using eBook conversion services. The article will explain why implementing it is important and how to find the right person for the job.

Importance of using eBook Conversion Services

Digital book conversion has become faster and easier with the various eBook conversion companies available in the industry. These not only help with converting the printed books into digital format but also help with its publication.

We have also mentioned a few other reasons why seeking assistance from an eBook conversion service provider is important.

  • Self-publishing will be costlier than outsourcing because you have to purchase all the tools and resources required for conversion and ePublishing.
  • The companies often hire experts to carry out the conversion activities. It means there are more chances of getting high-quality conversion results.
  • Most eBook conversion companies offer additional services for eBook cover design. They might also help with content proofreading or editing.
  • The service providers can help with creating resourceful eBooks that are compatible with the major e-reading platforms, like Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.

How to Choose the Best eBook Conversion and Distribution Services?

While choosing an eBook conversion service provider, there are a few things you must consider. Underlying are the 7 best tips that will be very helpful in this regard.

  1. Start with a self-analysis

    This is in fact the first step to start with. Know your project intimately and ask yourself- What is your actual business objective? Who are your stakeholders? How much is your budget? Only after this, you will get an idea about what type of digital conversion companies can suit your need.

  2. Be well-organized and strategic

    If you are researching the multiple options available for you, be professional and plan your approach. Create a spreadsheet and categorize the service providers based on their size, capacity, uniqueness, and location.

    Also, sort out the final list of companies offering these services that fit your criteria exactly. The selection process will be easier.

  3. Communication is vital

    The most important thing you should pay attention to is the way your service providers communicate on the reception of inquiry from your end.

    The quality and pleasantness in communication in most of the cases guarantee that you will be having a great experience associating with them.

  4. Don’t get impressed by cheaper rates

    It is often seen that customers fall for cheap rates. Actually, no company will work without keeping their profit and low prices are most of the time honeypots. Analyze the value of services you get for the price you pay. Know your expectations and based on that select the ideal vendor.

  5. Ask about the steps followed and technologies used

    You should ask the vendors about the steps they follow for eBook conversion and formatting. It should adhere to proper standards. Also, scrutinize the technologies they use as technology keeps on changing continuously.

    Make sure that they use the newest technologies by studying the latest trends and your product doesn’t become obsolete in few months.

  6. Check if company offers information security

    Data security and copyright are crucial. Once your eBooks go online, millions of people can access them. That is why make sure that the service providers you hire provide data security and protection of copyrights. It will ensure that only authorized users will access it.

  7. Addition of customized features

    We all want our eBooks to look best. So, check if the eBook conversion company is willing to offer support for additional customization. Create a list of all the elements you need and inquire if the company can include the features in your eBooks.

The key to surviving in this competitive world is to stay updated with the trends. So, if you are interested in the eBook publishing business, it is imperative to know about the eBook conversion service providers. Finally, it is your choice which eBook Conversion Company to choose.

So, based on the above tips, you can proceed with the vendor selection process to get the best people by your side. WinBizSolutionsIndia is also a professional eBook conversion service provider that provides different types of eBook formatting and conversion services. Also, check our customer testimonials to learn what customers think about us.