Animation techniques


Amateur designers who are in to the field of animating models will find it tough to get going with the companies that provide animation services out there. Just like any other industry, there are few tips for animating models to bring the best out of them. Today a few of the best animation tips are shared here so that you can try them out on your project.

Animation tips and tricks for beginners

  1. Spend some time for homework

    It is wise to do a lot of research before preparing to animate your model. You might notice character sheets which animation service providers depend on. These sheets provide a lot of useful information regarding the character and its traits. If you happen to know almost all about the character, things get really easy.

  2. Discuss ideas

    Since deadlines possess a pressing nature most of the animators stay clear of out of the box thoughts. However, it is a good practice to discuss with your coworkers and friends because an idea at the right time can spark a revolution. Don’t just let your ideas end in the waste bin, instead practice them, prepare to complete and process them with good animation.

  3. Keep trying new areas

    Strong ideas and inventive mechanism are always impressive when it comes to an animator’s concept. There has to be room for new ideas. So instead of sticking on to your older work panel, it is better to try variation the next time. Who knows what magic awaits?

  4. Tear it down into frames

    It is often advised to tear up one of your favorite animation into bits. You have to scan every section individually and understand what was so special in it. After that you can try the same in your piece of animation and expect the same to happen.

  5. Feel free to get rest

    Just like finishing your work before deadline it is important to take adequate rest in between short sessions. Getting your mind engaged in some other activities not only helps you to replenish it but also to see things differently.

  6. Exhibit your work status

    It is appreciable if you can showcase your work progress to your co-workers or supervisor. In that manner you will get comments which from an animator’s perspective refers to valuable customer feedbacks. You can focus on modifications or prepare to move ahead with your finished work.

  7. Focus on finer details for better yield

    If you have spent a month to complete the project, then try to give it a week more to polish it. Caring for your model is just like caring for your new car. A small scratch is enough to take the shine away. Just like that a small deformation or irregularity in the animation cycle is enough to take the appealing factor away.

Focusing on these seven tips will ensure you a safer level of work completion. Even though these are animation tips for beginners, professionals having years of animation experience can also refine their skills by making use of these stellar tips.