We, at WinBizSolutionsIndia, are proud to announce that we have been able to maintain our business continuity amidst the ongoing economic meltdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. All our employees are working remotely from their homes and continuing to deliver professional support to our global clientele, who we have vowed to serve to the best of our ability.

We are serving the needs of our existing clients and taking up new projects as well, making sure that we safeguard the business interests of our clients and guarantee a steady income flow to our highly-dedicated employees. This has allowed them to look after their families and fulfill their manifold obligations. We have extended hands of help to those who lost jobs and those who got trapped in a different state as a migrant laborer. As soon as the government declared lockdown last year, we made proper arrangements to let our employees go back to their homes and start working from there. This has guaranteed business continuity and growth even during a devastating pandemic.  You will be amazed to note that we even hired employees in several teams in order to fulfill new orders. We are thankful to our workforce for their continued support in making us the name that we are today.

What we want you to know is that we are always by your side in your fight against Covid-19 and we wish that you and your country stay safe.

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