Website designing FAQ’s

We, at WinBizSolutions, bring you a comprehensive solution for website designing. Over the last four years, we have been catering to the needs of various companies with website designing services. If you are looking for web design for business, you may contact us with your requirements. This FAQ page aims to answer the questions that our clients frequently ask us. We have strived to cover all the aspects that our customers want to know regarding our web development and design services here.

Can you give me an estimate on the website design cost?

The cost of getting a website designed varies on various factors and hence it is not feasible to simply saying a price. However, we have different price slabs for web page designing, and you can choose from them, according to your resources. You can go for the basic services, and the prices may go up, if you have any unique needs. Our company makes sure that we offer most reasonable rates.

What is the payment process ?

Initially, you need to make 50% of the payment. The customers need to pay another 25% when the design process is complete before we proceed to the programming stage. We collect the remaining 25% after the scope is fulfilled. The web page is ready to be launched.

What type of payment options is available ?

We work with third-party payment options like PayPal. The customers need to sign up for the online payment service providers and convey the setup details to us.

What type of business firms do you collaborate with ?

We have been collaborating with a wide range of business firms, including large companies, startups, B2B firms, B2C firms, non-profits and much more. Our designers have worked with business firms from various sections of the industry, including food, health, apparel, technology, finance, travel, arts, beauty, fair trade, camps and so on. Our website designing services enable these firms to enhance their customer service, attract customers and market their products. We take the necessary time to understand the industry and develop the website accordingly.

How long is it needed to complete if I give PSD file ?

The conversion time varies from one PSD to the other PSD. This depends on the programming involved in the process, the complexity of the web page and materials required in conversion. In case of simple conversion of websites, we generally complete the process in five business days after receiving the material and design approval for conversion. Based on the level of your requirements and intricacies involved, it can fluctuate.

Are you comfortable in working with other platforms like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress?

Yes, you may come to us for Drupal, Joomla and WordPress website designs. Our experts have been building web pages on these platforms over the years, providing our clients with custom solutions.  In fact there are separate teams specialized in almost all platforms.

What types of website design services do you provide?

WinBizSolutions brings you a complete range of website layout design services. These include:

  • Dynamic website layout
  • Static website layout
  • Responsive design layout
  • Fixed design layout
  • Single page design layout
  • Fluid or liquid design layout and others.

Do you provide website content creation services ?

Yes. You can approach us for website copy writing and editing services. There is an exclusive team for content development that includes content writers, editors and proof readers. We write web page content, blogs, newsletters and anything and everything you may need. Our experts also develop the sitemap and assist in structuring the foundation of the site during planning.

Do I have to meet your experts face-to-face before you commence with the project ?

Face-to-face meetings are not necessary in most of the cases. We develop the web page on the basis of telephonic conversations and emails only. Our clients receive the suggested web page designs through online channels. We will send you these designs through our secure testing server. Our team works in close collaboration with the clients, maintaining a regular communication.

Besides web design, what other solutions do you provide ?

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services, including website design maintenance, domain registration, and graphic designing.

Will you develop mobile ready and responsive websites ?

Yes. The sites we develop will be based on responsive frameworks. We customize the design as per the requirements of our clients.

I have a website and want to get it redesigned. Do you provide website redesign services ?

Yes. We need to examine the present website before we give you a quote for redesigning it.

To whom does the ownership of the website belong ?

The ownership of the website goes to the client. Most of the business firms seeking our services collaborate with us throughout the lifespan of the site. However, in case a client decides to go to another hosting service provider, we will provide the necessary assistance in making the transition. The client owns the website, regardless of the service provider working on it.