WinBizSolutionsIndia has been helping numerous real estate property developers or owners to monetize their projects by offering professional virtual staging services. With our expertise in virtual staging, we provide them with exceptional staging designs that help them to fetch profitable deals. As a mainstream digital service provider, we also act as a one-stop strategic partner for various real estate photo post-processing services.

Our top-notch virtual staging services helps in the development of vibrant property interiors with colorful digital themes, styles, designs, and hues to get it ready for sale. With our digital home staging, potential buyers can envisage the full potential of a vacant room or property by receiving accurate depictions regarding the decoration and arrangement of the room.

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we use a variety of digital home staging tools to help users visualize the interior space in the best possible way. Our resource self-sufficiency, infrastructural expertise, and profound home staging experts can cater to the virtual staging needs of all types, scales, and complexities. We harness the potential of the state of the art technologies, contemporary software, and 3D digital tools to create realistic, neat, alluring, and statement-making furnished interiors. Each furnishing and décor elements we add are either selected by our virtual staging experts or the client themselves.

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Our Key Virtual Staging Services

Virtual home staging, in general, offers various benefits to the real estate businesses. It makes the property stand out, increases property value and sales, and is a much better cost-effective alternative to the traditional staging methods. Besides, when you employ it with the help of professional virtual staging companies like us, all these benefits get doubled.

Most of the virtual staging works are carried out in Photoshop. However, other tools and software can be implemented depending on the project needs. Our main aim is to stage the properties in a way that grabs the attention of prospective buyers and increases their interest in buying the property. Here are our key virtual staging types.

  • Vacant Property Staging

    We create virtual furniture layout designs for empty dwellings so that the property looks much like a living space and enable customers to visualize living there.

  • Furnished Property Staging

    We can also stage furnished properties with attractive digital furniture to restyle the property space. Here, clients get to choose from different home styling options.

  • Virtual Interior Renovation

    In this case, we virtually renovate the interior spaces of the property by digitally de-cluttering and then staging it again with decorative items to improve its look.

  • Virtual Exterior Staging

    We virtually stage the property exteriors with digital furniture items in the patio, poolside, or garden area to create spectacular outdoors for the client’s property.

  • 3D Floor Plan Staging

    Apart from property styling, we can also work on staging the 3D floor plans to support clients with attracting the audience’s attention and improving sales.

  • Virtual Staging Videos

    We can create videos for the virtually staged property in the form of virtual 360° tours so that clients get to experience an immersive property walkthrough.

Different Virtual Staging Styles we offer

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we also allow clients to choose a particular type of style for their virtual staging projects. It includes


    Here, we add monochrome-colored staging with neutral tones. The furniture we use is mainly glass, metal, unpainted wooden elements, or steel.


    This style will offer you a balanced property space with a formal setting. We add subtle colors to the furniture to create classic and light spaces.


    In the Scandinavian style, we stage the property with minimal items. We mostly decorate it with warm wooden-toned furniture and indoor plants.


    We also use minimal styling for the urban or industrial staging. However, the feel we try to accomplish for the spaces is more of a vintage kind.


    For the Hamptons style, we use furniture with natural texture such as timber, wicker, linen, etc., and give the spaces a beach or coastal vibe.


    In farmhouse virtual staging, we add eclectic décor to space. The furniture you are most likely to see is cushioned bar stools and plush couches.

Our Virtual Staging Techniques include

By providing the best-in-class virtual home staging services, WinBizSolutionsIndia gives an edge to the client’s business by aiding them to improve their real estate marketing strategies and quickly finalizing the deals. It may seem unbelievable but the fact is that the virtual staging for real estate properties we create is good enough to pull off faster sales as compared to your un-staged or conventionally staged properties. Your space would be completely transformed at a nominal price and the furnished or empty interiors would be revamped if required. Check out some of the techniques that we use for providing high-quality virtual staging services.

  • We can accentuate the appeal of the property interiors by virtually painting the walls or flat surfaces with attractive colors and hues.
  • We remove unwanted clutter such as disheveled looks of counter tops, shelves, tables, etc. to allow optimum visualization of the interior space.
  • We can add new furnishings and décor items for redecorating the rooms to elevate the overall grace of the property as per your instructions.
  • We can also enhance the curb appealing of the property exteriors by editing the day time photos to night or twilight as per the need of the project.

Process of our Virtual Home Staging Solutions

We carry out the virtual staging process by following simple and easy steps that help us to produce outstanding results as well as make our clients comfortable with our way of working. Here are the steps that we follow:

  • At first, the clients need to provide us with the images of the property interiors or exteriors that require editing. We accept both amateurs as well as professional photographs.
  • Each demarcated space for which virtual staging is needed should be clearly stated so that we can fix the prices and completion schedules depending upon the complexity of the project.
  • Once we receive the client’s consent, we seek instructions and enquire the necessities of the project so that we can plan accordingly that can provide us the desired output.
  • Then, we allocate the required resources for the project along with a PERT chart which helps us to keep a track of our work so that we can successfully complete it on time.
  • Before creating the 3D model, we first provide the clients with a 2D model as a sample for their approval. Once it’s done, we can start working on the 3D model.
  • We carry out the 3D modeling process for the project by adding important elements such as color, texture, lighting, etc. in order to provide a spectacular effect.
  • 3D virtual stage design is shared with you to seek your feedback and accommodate the same
  • After the completion of the 3D virtual stage design for the models, we send it back to the clients for their feedback and accommodate the changes if needed.
  • After including certain changes, we can conduct various clean-ups and quality assessments to the final design before delivering it back to the clients.

WinBizSolutionsIndia provides the output, i.e., the 2D and 3D images and models in all popular formats as per the client’s request. This enables clients to deploy those models on the website or presentations and even take the prospects on a virtual walkthrough. Alternately, you can get them printed for putting up on brochures, flyers, etc. for promotional purposes.

Why Choose WinBizSolutionsIndia for Receiving Virtual Staging Solutions?

The virtual staging solutions offered at WinBizSolutionsIndia can improve the look of any space, be it a bedroom, home office, living room, patio, deck, kitchen, basement, dining room, porch, or commercial office. Being one of the top-notch virtually staging companies, we also offer a variety of virtual home styling options for clients to choose from.

They are traditional, contemporary, Hampton, Scandinavian, farmhouse, industrial or urban, etc. Once the client has chosen the needed style, we incorporate the furniture according to it to offer the exact feel.
There are other benefits to choosing our home staging services. They are

  • The virtual house staging projects of clients are handled by our experienced design team who provide excellent solutions needed for the project.
  • Property images can be presented in a realistic manner to help prospects visualize the potential of an empty room to increase sales and popularity.
  • Our experts also specialize in photo post-processing services while saving time, money and efforts of clients without compromising on quality.
  • Raw property image can be transformed into exceptional interior staging with proper lighting, texture, brightness, hues, themes, or furniture placements.

Trust WinBizSolutionsIndia for Awesome Results

WinBizSolutionsIndia uses the most updated and feature-rich software and technologies for offering virtual staging solutions for real estate properties. Apart from staging, we also carry out photo enhancement as a part of our services for creating 3D images that look extraordinary and exceptional. All the above are done in the lowest turnaround time, at cost-competitive rates, and within the given deadline as specified by the clients.

We, as one of the best virtual staging companies, offer the best-in-class virtual staging services to clients and increase their profits with the help of versatile and photorealistic renderings. With our high-quality digital staging, clients can use it in diversified ways to optimize their exponential sales and consistent revenue inflows.

Client Testimonials

I recently opted for their virtual staging services for my house. I wanted to sell it at a good price. I tried it posting the images as it is but I did not get me any clients. Then, I sent them those snaps and asked them to stage with the needed furniture. Personally, I loved the images when I received them, but I was not sure whether or not I would be getting a response. Thankfully, I did get it. I was approached by 3 customers and sold the property by choosing the best deal. Thank you so much for your help!

House owner, Brazil

Thanks a lot for handling my virtual staging projects with perfection. The staging further enhanced the look of the property. The prices were also affordable. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for professional virtual staging at cost-effective rates.

Realtor, Croatia

I learned about WinBizSolutionsIndia from one of my peers. I contacted them via mail and was extremely pleased with their quick response. The photos delivered were also flawless. It is rare to find companies these days that offer excellent results as well as good customer support. I will definitely use their services again.

Real estate agency, New Zealand