With premium fixed layout ePub conversion services delivered by experts at WinBizSolutionsIndia, you would never need to compromise on crafting stunning and highly-exemplified eBooks. Be it children’s books, cookbooks, academic publications or books on arts, travel, and photography, this format can really awe you with its visually -appealing looks.

We make sure to offer fixed layouts for eBooks that are precise and are equivalent to the actual page layout of the source.

Apart from fixed layout conversion, we can also deliver other eBook formatting services including the creation of good quality graphical eBooks using multimedia, conversion of textbook and other required resources to the eBook and ePub formats, creation of complex eBook by including hyperlinking or cross-linking to enable content integration, etc.

Why Choose Fixed Layout ePub Format over other eBook Formats?

The fixed-layout format that we provide enhances the look of the digital book that may have graphically rich illustrations. We make sure that the content maintains proper flow by including consistent elements such as fixed pixel page and text size, accurate positioning of images, embedded fonts, etc.

The fixed-layout format takes a march over other formats in a sense that it offers much more in the area of formatting and styling. In these eBooks, the text appearing on the pages does not move. It works more like an image that can only be zoomed in or out and moved around.

This helps publishers who want to convert heavily- illustrated books into digital formats without compromising on the quality of the content or images with our custom illustration services. Our committed team of experts provides an extensive range of fixed layout ePub conversion services to various publishers, authors, institutes, libraries, and retailers.

Distinctive Features of our Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Assistance

Why Outsource Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services to WinBizSolutionsIndia?

  • Professionals working with us render superior quality eBook conversion support at the best possible rate.
  • We make use of the most advanced tools and techniques and provide incredible attention to details.
  • Our specialists go that extra mile to consider even the minutest of details to generate high-quality outcome
  • We use multiple quality-review and correction systems to evaluate the standard of the newly-generated eBook pages.
  • We create stunning fixed layout eBooks that are compatible with the majority of eReaders such as Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook, Google, Barnes & Noble etc.

Categories we Support for Fixed Layout ePub Conversion

  • Children’s books
  • Restaurant guides
  • Comics and novels
  • Academic books
  • Books with mathematical content
  • Travel guides
  • Cook books
  • Annual reviews
  • Company reports
  • Technical and scientific books
  • Picture books

We can Deliver Ready-to-publish, Fixed Layout eBook Formats

  • For various platforms such as Overdrive, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, and eSentral
  • For Barnes & Noble’s platform: Nook Kids Epub in proprietary format with Nook Color support
  • For Barnes & Noble: Nook Comics and Page Perfect Pdf
  • For devices within Amazon Kindle’s range such as Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Kindle Paperwhite: Fixed layout kf8 and Kindle Comics

Fixed layout eBook conversion FAQs

Fixed layout book differs from PDF on many counts as explained below:

  • It carries all the functionalities that define a true eBook
  • An ePub file format is used
  • Online eBook retail platforms are used for selling and purchasing the books
  • Two-page spreads are used
  • Page turn animations on handheld offer resemblance to real book
  • Experience, appearance, and feel can match a real book whose pages are flipped with hand
  • Unlike PDF, the fixed layout book cannot be directly saved to the device

To facilitate seamless PDF to fixed layout ePub conversion, pdf file in high resolution would be needed. In the event of the fonts not being embedded in the file supplied, efforts would be made to resemble them as closely as technology permits.

The fixed layout version is created using a file which would not be sufficient for creating a dynamic version. Therefore, the new file has to undergo second submission, ISBN making and converting to incorporate dynamic features.

Of course, WBS can be used for creating all types of enhanced eBook files. The exact price can be known by calling our support team.

It is a tough task to create fixed layout files. Hence, you have to expend more than usual on prices. The prices of dynamic or flowable eBook conversions are relatively lower. The eBook conversion prices can be charged on per page basis apart from upfront fee for fixed layout eBook.

As one of the finest electronic publication consultants for fixed layout ePub conversion services, we can help you throughout the conversion process starting from planning till publishing. We have a committed team offering round -the-clock support to our clients to address their unique requirements for digital conversion services in the most professional manner.

Whatever activities we perform, we make sure to embrace a high standard of customer service. Besides this, we make sure that the eBook versions generated by us run on all the major platforms.

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