WinBizSolutionsIndia is counted as one of the top digital conversion companies in the industry. To guard our position in the marketplace, we make sure to reach a wide range of clients and address all their issues. One of our major services that focus on covering the needs of clients, who like to hear more than reading is DTBook conversion services. We have been offering the respective service for years and have achieved excellence for the same.

DTBooks, otherwise known as digital talking books, are basically a representation of the digital or print media in the audio form. Initially, the books were designed to aid people with impaired vision, blindness, or dyslexia. However, it is now also used by all. Therefore, at WinBizSolutionsIndia, we too offer matchless XML DTBook conversion services so that clients get to avail the best experience while using our high-quality digital talking books.

Why DTBooks are better than other formats?

While all other document formats allow people to read, this format enables them to hear the content of the document. So, in that case, WinBizSolutionsIndia synchronizes the text and speech of a document and creates digitized audios. The audio files are later incorporated into the DTBook file formats so that it can read aloud the text to make it audible to the users.

Apart from this, DTBooks are usually XML-based file formats. It means that it is a standard format that is globally accepted by a wide range of systems. Besides, comprehending the document’s content when converted into DTBooks is also simple.

DTBook Conversion Services from WinBizSolutionsIndia

Being an experienced DTBook conversion service provider, we make sure that our DTBooks run on a wide range of gadgets, including mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and other devices. Several institutions, like government offices, universities, and associations benefit a lot from our daisy digital talking book conversion services. Apart from that, our services are also looked up to by the writers, publishers, and distributors.

WinBizSolutionsIndia is a well-established company that offers the most affordable and comprehensive eBook conversion solutions to several clients across the world. Being adept and inventive in our approach, we have successfully achieved an ever-growing base of global clientele through our cost-competitive services.

Our DTBook XML Conversion Services mainly includes

  • Navigation

    We ensure that our digital talking books have easy navigation so that clients can easily search for content and take notes if required.

  • Narration

    Our digital audiobooks can include narration with the help of our professional voice-over artists to improve the user experience.

  • Playback Elements

    We can include features in the DTbooks for allowing users to control the playback elements or speed for improving performance.

  • Visual Elements

    Our conversion specialists can embed engaging visual elements to the audiobooks for creating an amazing experience for readers.

  • Bookmarks

    By allowing users to add bookmarks in the digital talking books, we can help them to go to the desired section of any page.

  • DAISY format creation

    We can develop the DTBooks in DAISY format to make them easily accessible on a variety of multimedia devices or smartphones.

Below are some of the noted features of our digital talking books.

  • The creation or conversion of text into XML-NIMAS documents are as per the ANSI NISO Standards
  • We comply with the standards of Daisy Consortium to create the desired DTBooks.
  • We carry out appropriate synchronization of recorded sound while including the visual elements.
  • We ensure that there is no loss or modification of content during the translation process.
  • The DTBooks created by us is compatible with mobile phones or other devices.
  • The translated content can be readable on personal computers having CD drives.
  • We add MathML elements to convert mathematical or scientific content by fulfilling the mandatory standards.

Why choose WinBizSolutionsIndia for DTBook Conversion?

Here are a few reasons that can help you to decide whether choosing us as an digital conversion outsourcing partner will be beneficial to you or not.

  • Our staffs are among the best DAISY XML conversion experts in the industry.
  • We are experienced, skilled, and can take every needed step to support the evolving client requirements.
  • We always use the best conversion tool and techniques to produce exceptional outcomes.
  • With a keen eye for identifying inaccuracies, we find and fix the errors in real time.
  • We follow unique correction measures and quality checks to deliver the project with 100% quality compliance.
  • We also implement management techniques to ensure that the project complies with the client specifications.
  • Our team maintains real-time communication with the clients to keep them updated regarding their project’s progress.

Our high-quality DTBook conversion services have served numerous clientele from around the world and have offered them valuable propositions. We employ the best technologies and techniques to provide the best results for our clients that can accurately meet their business needs and objectives. Besides, the XML data conversion & ePub conversion solutions we offer can effectively help you to reach a wider audience and impress potential readers. So, if you wish to avail our DTBook development services, then quickly send us a mail or call us directly. We ensure that our professionals will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Avail our DTBook conversion services to transform your desired content into interactive digital talking books with the best quality and as per the NIMAS guidelines.

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