WinBizSolutionsIndia is one of the top providers of invisible/ghost mannequin photo editing services in the industry. Our services mainly aim at removing the distracting mannequin or model parts from the pictures to bring the entire focus towards your products.

The process of invisible ghost mannequin editing is handled by a team of in-house photo editors and graphic designers. They have the needed competence and experience to transform your ordinary images into appealing ones.

Our Varied Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services include

  • Neck Joint Invisible Mannequin

    Here, we only aim at eliminating distractions from the neck part and create the ghost mannequin effect with an empty neck region.

  • Bottom Joint Ghost Mannequin

    We focus on removing the lower part of the product image. It is applicable to the clothing having a longer back part than the front.

  • Sleeve Joint Ghost Mannequin

    With this service, you can remove the hands or palms of the model or mannequin in the image exposing the sleeve’s inner part.

  • 360-degree Image Rotating

    We add a 360-degree rotating view to the ghost mannequin images, thereby enabling customers to view them from different angles.

  • Front and Back Shot Combination

    In this case, we can combine front and back shots and present them in a single image to provide a side-by-side view of your products.

  • Interior Product Image View

    We can showcase the inside of the products along with the brand and labels present on the tags. This service is best used for apparel.

Different Techniques for Ghost Mannequin Services

We, at WinBizSolutionsIndia, employ the tried and tested photo mannequin retouching techniques to obtain the expected results. Each technique will be implemented after closely understanding your requirements and upon your approval.

Now, let’s check out the different techniques we use for ghost mannequin editing or enhancement.

  • Color Enhancement

    We ensure your accessories or cloth images have the perfect color without any overdo.

  • White Balance Adjustment

    We adjust the white balance in the images to counteract the flaws of artificial lighting.

  • Background Removal

    We remove the unappealing background from the picture and replace it with attractive ones.

  • Fit, Texture, & Style Highlights

    Through proven techniques, we highlight the fit, texture, or style of your product images.

  • Brightness and contrast adjustment

    With careful brightness and contrast adjustment, we make your products appear more real.

  • Shadow/ reflection addition

    By adding shadows and reflections, we add a level of depth to your product photographs.

Our Photo Editing Services are ideal for

  • Fashion houses
  • Clothing brands and retailers
  • Online clothing stores
  • eCommerce sites
  • Product marketing firms
  • Advertising agencies
  • Fashion blogs, magazines, and catalogs
  • Newspapers and editorials
  • Fashion photographers

Benefits you get by choosing WinBizSolutionsIndia

WinBizSolutionsIndia is committed to offering high-quality photo editing services for improving the ghost mannequin pictures. We remove unwanted objects, add missing parts, and do everything to impart your mannequin photos a perfect look.

Later, you can use these pictures to showcase your garments or jewelry pieces to potential customers and close deals.

  • Exceptional Support

    We provide 24/7 support, all year round. It means you can reach us anytime you feel comfortable regardless of the time zone.

  • Trained Professionals

    Our team has in-depth knowledge of photo editing software to beautify any complicated ghost mannequin photography.

  • Reduced Turnarounds

    With our services, you can reduce turnaround times for your project since you’ll receive them faster with 100% efficiency.

  • Easy Bulk Editing

    We can edit a large volume of invisible mannequin images which can be quite stressful on your part if you do it yourself.

  • Reasonable Pricing

    Our ghost mannequin photography editing pricing is cost-effective. So, don’t worry about the rates as it will be affordable.

  • Excellent Discount Offers

    Enjoy discounts on your projects, be it large volume or special ones, by using our image retouching services.

  • Secured Transfer Methods

    We use secured payment and file transfer options so that the payment is hassle-free and no data is lost while transferring files.

  • Deadline Compliance

    Project orders for our services will be covered as per the given deadline. It will be either delivered on the specified timeline or sooner.

Our other Popular Services

Catch Buyer’s Attention with high-quality Mannequin Photo Edits

At WinBizSolutionIndia, nothing is more important to us than achieving client satisfaction. Being in the industry for years, we understand the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with clients. That’s why we make the best use of our talent to offer you the highest quality outcomes.

So, ask for a custom quote fitting your needs and if you like it, which you’ll definitely do, then use our ghost mannequin photo editing company. To get in touch, fill in the contact us form or give us a call.

Save cost on hiring real models and sell more products by using our professional ghost mannequin photo editing services.
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