WinBizSolutionsIndia provides comprehensive PubMed conversion services for the effective storage and distribution of critical medical data, journals, or manuscripts. The information we receive either comes from different institutional document repositories, commercial authors & publishers, or other medical associations. With the help of our experienced conversion specialists, we carry out conversions and submit them to the PubMed Central Library to ensure the highest degree of compliance to the JATS specification.

While carrying out the transformation of PubMed journals or articles, we ensure to implement the XML tagging guidelines and develop the outputs in the desired PubMed XML format. We support our customers at all stages of the project, starting right from consulting and strategy development until the incorporation of designs for actual conversion. When it comes to the conversion of manuscripts and journals, we work with the NLM XMS format. However, for books, we work with formats like that of Bookshelf XML.

Why go for PubMed XML Format?

Innovative digital formats keep continuously arriving in the publishing market. Therefore, being compliant and compatible with these platforms is surely a challenge for many companies. Apart from the already existing platforms, we have witnessed the PubMed platform, which is primarily  the MEDLINE database reference, developed and maintained by the National Center of Biotechnology Information(NCBI) at the U.S. National Library for Medicine (NLM).

The platform enables the distribution of various biomedical or dental PubMed journals to the NCBI and then, provides a link to the full-text data or content hosted at the journal website through the outbound link outs. With the help of Journal Article Tag Suite or the JATS by the PubMed Central, the concerned can achieve improved storage and sharing of significant or valuable medical information.

PubMed XML Conversion Solutions at WinBizSolutionsIndia

WinBizSolutionsIndia offers you optimum support for converting the file formats into XML. Our experienced preserves the file details during the conversion process and make sure that the converted output is flawless. You can submit your content in different formats such as .txt, .pdf, .doc, .xml, .docx, .sgml, .epub or in any other extension. Besides, we also assure that the PubMed Central Library approves the delivered output which facilitates faster acceptance by the users.

Various PubMed Conversion Outsourcing Services we offer

  • Conversion of MS Word, Acrobat Pdf, text or suitable format into XML while complying withstandards stipulated by NCBI and PubMed Central
  • Content tagging in adherence to schemas set out by the PubMed Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • Processing of content with complexities, illustration,and scientific formulae in perfect sync with the PubMed Central Library’s content submission guidelines for faster acceptance
  • Error detection and elimination by subjecting the content to thoroughquality checks
  • Conversion of content for various industry verticals irrespective of the amount of complexity involved; prominent disciplines include healthcare, dentistry, nursing services, clinical services etc.
  • Conversion of hand-scribbled content into digitalformats with the support of experienced and proficient data processing experts
  • Conversion of various textual content typessuch as eBooks, articles, manuscripts, published magazines, for submission to the PubMed central library.
  • Strictadherence to the norms stipulated by PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite and careful conversion of personalized biomedical, medical, and life science subjects.

PubMed Conversion Workflow at WinBizSolutionsIndia

We take a professional approach and ensure that our PubMed conversion experts strictly abide by the rules and regulations while carrying out the transformation process. We also believe in transparency so that clients get to see the progress of their project. Below are a few steps that are incorporated into our conversion workflow.

Step 1: We communicate with the clients and discuss their needs in detail.

Step 2: We devise the plan by making a note of the required resources, cost of the project, allocated timeframe, etc.

Step 3: A dedicated project manager and a team of conversion specialists are assigned for the task.

Step 4: The converted documents are sent for quality check, which will be done by the QA team.

Step 5: The QA experts review the files to ensure that they align with the prescribed PubMed format and fulfill the clients’ requirements.

Step 6: If errors are found, we fix them and again sent them through the quality checking process to make sure that it is free from errors.

Step 7: We send the files through a secured FTP channel to the clients and wait for their feedback and approval.

Step 8: Depending on the feedback of clients, we can carry out revisions and then send the files to the clients.

Pubmed XML File Conversion from WinBizSolutionsIndia – Advantages

We have supported many institutions and business organizations with our high-quality services. It helped us to become one of the most recognized PubMed conversion service providers in the industry within a short time. Following are the unique features that help us to deliver the best to our clients.

  • Our conversion techniques are advanced and is mentored by our experienced XML data conversion 
  • We mainly focus on delivering quality results for our client’s project at economical prices within the stipulated time frame.
  • The professionals in our office have the necessary skills and are well-trained to serve all type of client requirements.
  • We maintain unprecedented attention to detail and the highest quality of services for the projects we handle.
  • We make sure that our team uses error detection methods to identify and remove the errors at every level of our project.
  • Regular quality checking measures help our team to deliver the project with uncompromising excellence.
  • Our clients always stay ahead in the competition with the help of our comprehensive digital conversion services.
  • We always deliver exceptional services as per the client specifications and one or before the time of project commitment.
  • In our company, we equip our staff with the most trending technologies and practices to enhance their skills and effectiveness.
  • Being a professional PubMed conversion services provider valuing all customers, we keep our prices cost competitive with the lowest turnaround time.

WinBizSolutionsIndia: Your Trusted Partner for PubMed XML Conversion

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we only hire experts to provide our clients with the best outcomes as per their expectations. Our XML conversion specialists implement state-of-the-art techniques or methods to optimally offer incredible outputs with our PubMed Central NLM JATS conversion services. We follow a stringent quality assessment process to maintain data integrity and high precision for each of the converted projects. So, kindly email us or reach out to us via other mediums of your choice to learn more about our PubMed conversion services.

Get in touch with us to receive the responsive, value-adding, cost-effective and user-friendly PubMed conversion services for meeting each of your project needs related to the conversion of medical data.

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