WinBizSolutionsIndia has established itself as the most preferred destination for XML conversion services. We offer specialized and comprehensive transformation solutions to help clients with document conversion.

The XML or extensible markup language is the most accepted digital format. It is also compatible with almost all eBook standards. Therefore, we help publishers, libraries, universities, and authors to convert their files and documents to this format.

We can convert documents of any type. It can be books, magazines, newspapers, manuals, manuscripts, journals, and more. During the conversion, we also ensure that the results are high-quality and error-free.

WinBizSolutionsIndia-Types of XML Conversion Services we provide

We are one of the reputed digital conversion companies offering comprehensive XML services. Some of our key provisions include


Word to XML Conversion

Our MS Word to XML conversion services can facilitate storage, reporting, and transmission of data. It is best for companies with large invoices. Besides, the outcomes can be also accessed through multiple platforms.


XML to Word Conversion

We can also carry out the vice-versa version for the afore-mentioned conversion. It means we can convert the XML to Word files in the most accurate manner. It can aid clients with their varied business needs.


HTML to XML Conversion

We can convert invoices, a universally readable format, into extensible markup language. This can promote better readability. Also, we can handle XML to HTML conversion if it is included in the scope of work.


PDF to XML Conversion

We can convert PDF documents into extensible markup language for offering enhanced readability. It also includes the consistent use of data and the elimination of all structural errors present in the document.


XML to PDF Conversion

Here, we convert data from XML to PDF to help clients serve their business needs. While carrying out the PDF formatting process, we ensure that there is no data or information loss from the final files.


Excel to XML Conversion

We are a leading XML conversion company having experts to carry out the conversion of MS Excel to XML format and make them accessible on different platforms while facilitating information classification.


Text to XML Conversion

Our professionals can efficiently convert text documents to XML files irrespective of the data volume. This will help them to promote easy data accessibility, readability, and data sorting on multiple platforms.


RTF to XML Conversion

We can convert RTF documents into the extensible markup language in an accurate manner. We can also convert files in PSD format to enable easy storage, customization, readability, and exchange of documents.


XML to Web Page Conversion

By employing this service, we can help business to convert their XML files to web pages. This will help them to easily share or publish their content with others on their team, company, or anyone or the web.

XML Conversion Process followed by WinBizSolutionsIndia

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we aim to follow an effective process while converting the data so that the workflow is managed smoothly and the outputs can be accessed by various systems.

We have divided the process into 6 steps to make them easier to understand.

Step 1: We receive the original data from the clients in any format.

Step 2: Our team starts processing the data to prepare them before converting the files.

Step 3: We carry out the conversions by classifying the beginning and end characters in the coding system.

Step 4: The converted files are formatted into different syntax, such as XHTML, Atom, RSS, SOAP, etc.

Step 5: We add the correct and ensure that the information is read correctly.

Step 6: XML conversion software is used to perform accurate data transfer between the original and XML files.

Why choose our XML Data Conversion Services?

  • We can convert JPEG, TXT, Tiff, MathML, and SGML into the extensible markup language.
  • We also efficient in converting the same into other formats, like Excel, PDF, and more.
  • We are well versed with different standards like DAISY, PRISM, PMC, NIMAS, and more.
  • We use the proven XML conversion techniques to deliver the best services to our clients.
  • Our professionals incorporate strategic error detection and correction methods at every level.
  • We very well understand the areas where the coded programs can go wrong and avoid it without fail.
  • Our quality analysts are keen on finding errors which help us to deliver the highest quality product.
  • We educate the clients with various technical jargons to provide a holistic view of the project outcome.
  • We work in close association with our clients to keep them updated on the project progress.
  • Our consultants, designers, and developers are qualified to develop the most prolific plans and designs.
  • Our data conversion solutions are cost-effective, scalable, secure, and reliable.
  • We accept different kinds of the input file and convert into the extensible markup language.

Our XML formatting or conversion services are handled by a trained team, who uses state-of-the-art digital conversion techniques to surpass all challenges that the fierce market competition brings. Hence, at WinBizSolutionsIndia, you can enjoy quality XML conversion services that can improve your management process while efficiently saving your cost and time.

So, effectively manage your business by updating your files in this easily customizable and readable format with our help. For further information regarding our XML file format conversion services, reach out to us at any time you want to receive the needed assistance for improving the productivity of your business.

Let our XML conversion skills help you in managing your business and gain a competitive edge in the market by solving administrative problems, saving time and resources, and reducing operational costs.

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