WinBizSolutionsIndia is highly acclaimed for its leading-edge 3D sculpting services. We operate through a team of expert designers who are adept at delivering premium 3D modeling services and can efficiently handle any 3D design project. Our 3D modelers are champions at crafting world-class 3D replicas of automotive, jewelry, statue, and toys. We guarantee photorealistic rendering in all 3D sculpting projects that we execute through a careful and creative use of textures, meshes, and details to mold a virtual object in a way so as to bestow a realistic look and feel to it. Our artists have high level of proficiency in deploying the most advanced 3D modeling techniques and can assure you the delivery of desired outcomes.

Our 3D artists can successfully handle two main approaches to modern digital sculpting. First off, they can create 3D surfaces by using a surface mesh that is made up of easily-manipulable polygons. With this approach, they are able to work with both low-level and high-level polygons at multiple levels of resolution. The other approach to developing custom 3D sculpts is voxel manipulation and we can confidently declare that our designers have mastered this technique as well and can deliver bespoke 3D outcomes. They can efficiently manipulate different spots of undifferentiated material that are made up of voxels, which are actually the name given to 3D pixels.

The Scope of our Digital Sculpting Services

  • Addressing the needs of animation projects or games
  • Developing toy prototypes
  • Creating stunning virtual displays for conventions and trade shows
  • Designing custom trophies
  • Creating custom dolls
  • Product development
  • Developing fine art
  • Designing stop motion puppets
  • Prototyping for 3D printing
  • Creating photorealistic illustration

Our Process

Once you clarify your design requirements to us, we would assign you an experienced designer with high level of expertise in developing custom 3D models. The assigned designer will work closely with you to understand your project in greater details so that he/she can craft the perfect digital sculpt based on your rough drafts and 2D design.

We guarantee 100 percent data security and promise to maintain the confidentiality of your sensitive information at all costs. We sign a non-disclosure agreement before the commencement of the project and we have advanced technologies and strict procedures in place to sincerely adhere to our information security policies. We would set up secure FTP path that can only be accessed by authorized personnel, thereby ensuring high levels of access control measures and higher levels of security during the file transfer process.

We are the most trusted 3D design outsourcing service provider in present times. We would like to assure you that you will retain complete legal rights to the outcome and sole ownership of the final output file.

We are technologically competent

Individuals working in our team have high levels of proficiency in making an appropriate use of the latest advanced software.

Whatever the size of your project may be or however complex your design concepts are, we, at WinBizSolutionsIndia, will do our best to deliver service that’s not just prompt and efficient, but affordable as well. Whether you are looking to create digital sculpts for an inventor or an entrepreneur or you have to handle a large project assigned by a large enterprise, we have adequate bandwidth to support all facets of your digital sculpting project at industry-leading rates.

We have the right designers who can support you with diverse 3D solutions for a wide range of requirements that may include a home redesign project, creation of video games, production of CGI films, and creation of 3D print models. We are champions at operating within strict and short deadlines, so you can just relax knowing that we will complete your project within your predetermined timeline.

Area of Excellence

Over these years, we have evolved as one of the best companies employing top 3D sculptors and delivering world-class 3D outcomes.
We have developed profound expertise in:

  • Digital sculpting for jewelry

    Our designers can craft exceptional and detailed 3D sculpts of jewelry, thereby creating design trends. They are experts at the use of CAD/CAM software and can sculpt digital models based on photo images, manual sketches, and concepts. We can efficiently transform jewelry concept into realistic 3D models, thereby helping jewelry designers and manufacturers in making the most out of 3D revolution.

  • Digital sculpting for sculpture

    Professionals delivering 3D sculpting services can capitalize on state-of-the-art 3D modeling techniques to create tailor-made sculpture designs that are noted for their distinct identity in terms of patterns, details, and surfaces. We can create rich, elaborately-designed sculpture models including 3D toy models so as to help you build prototypes easily.

Still thinking if you should trust us with your 3D sculpting project? We are always ready to provide you with a free sample to help you evaluate if we are the right match for you.

Make your ideas come alive. Contact us to know how we can address your 3D requirements.

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