WinBizSolutionsIndia is a reputed photoshop services company that specializes in all types of wedding photo retouching services. The company houses a team of well-trained and creative image manipulation experts to carry out optimal enhancement and editing of wedding pictures.

We have years of experience in handling various wedding photography editing projects and have offered great outcomes to clients. Our image retouching team is fortified with intellectual thoughts and backed by the most advanced tools in the industry to deliver high-quality marriage photo editing services.

Marriage is one of the most awaited days for not just the couple but the entire family. A marriage ceremony photographer has a lot of responsibility in this case. They need to remain extra careful and professional while capturing the moments of the great occasion since photographs are the only thing that will keep the memories fresh and alive. But do you think that the snaps taken will always be perfect?

Never! It may be mistimed, there may not be enough light, unwanted objects may have intruded, the background may not look pleasing and likewise, there is a lot of scope for imperfection that is most of the time unavoidable. This is where our wedding photo editing services for photographers can help you.

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Wedding Photo Post Processing Services we offer

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we pay equal attention when it comes to offering the image editing service for wedding photographers, individuals, or businesses. It is one of the reasons why we make our pricing modules flexible. It ensures that all our clients can benefit from it. Apart from that, we follow a personalized approach so that we can deliver the outputs just like they want. Here is a list of customized wedding photography edit that we provide to our clients:

  • Rough editing and culling

    Pro wedding photographers take around 800-1000 photographs during a wedding occasion. Since all the images are not required to send for editing, we choose the best ones. Employing our photo culling services can help you with the same.

    After culling, we ensure that you receive the most artistic images within your budget with the help of our photo enhancement services. You simply need to give us a target range, and we will do the needful.

  • Artistic editing

    We can enhance your wedding images through our photo post-processing services and refine them with artistic values. You can make the necessary modifications later on as these photos have a clean and natural baseline.

    This wedding photography post-production includes adjustments in HSL, straightening of the horizon, basic cropping, and so on. You may also count on us for image blending, Monochrome, and Sepia conversions, etc. as you need.

  • Detail editing

    The below techniques are used in our wedding photo retouching services to provide detailed editing of photographs.

    • Photo color correction and color enhancement
    • Density correction
    • Your own Lightroom profile application
    • Image sharpening and noise reduction
    • Adjustments, in contrast, vibrance, hue saturation, and exposure
    • Level editing
    • Dodge and burn techniques
    • Split tone to the photo highlights and shadows
  • Raw image conversion

    Photographers want to capture visual details in a photograph. So, they shoot RAW images and the post-processing techniques ensure that there is enough room to do the rest without affecting the qualitative aspects. However, you may be stuck up with the conversion of these RAW images to the desired format.

    Contact us for RAW image conversion services and we will provide you with elegant images. Our photography workflow experts incorporate enhanced software like DxO Optics Pro 10 and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) converters to meet your requirements.

  • Photo retouching and manipulation

    Below are the various techniques implemented by our image style technicians for wedding photo retouching and manipulation:

    • Whitening of eyes and teeth
    • Removal of eyeglass glare
    • Removal of stray hair
    • Removal of facial glare
    • Removal of red-eye bags
    • Deep etching and broad masking
    • Customized features in images according to the need of clients
    • Stylizing form of image editing for wedding photoshoots
  • Digital album design

    We create album layout designs and organize the images edited based on your preference, style, story, sequence, or substance. Our staffs have rich expertise in editing digital albums for wedding photography according to diverse country cultures.

  • Wedding video editing

    As a part of wedding photo retouching services, we also offer customized wedding video editing services by employing the most advanced editing software programs. Our extensive range of services includes drone video editing, guest interview editing, highlight reels, and more.

Different Wedding Photo Editing Styles we can cover

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, you do not have to limit yourself to only one style of wedding photography retouching. We truly want to create beautiful memories for your big day, which is why we can offer variety of editing styles. In case you want to customize your own, then we can do that too.

We carry out photo edit processes for pre-and post-wedding images in the following styles:

  • Inspired or True Film

    We create film-inspired marriage photos by adding depth to them. The depth is usually not available in digital pictures.

  • Dark and Moody

    In this case, we increase the contrast and lighting of the pictures to give them a dramatic and bold appearance.

  • Light, Bright, and Airy Photos

    We edit the marriage pictures by using low contrast. The results are often bright and soft with creamy tones.

  • Black and White

    In this case, the marriage photographs are given a black-and-white look to give a classic touch to your memories.

  • True to Life or Color

    Here, we make sure that the contrast, tone, and colors present in the pictures are as close as possible to real life.

  • Desaturated Elements

    We create images with desaturated elements by combining the light and airy edits with the dark and moody ones.

Outsource Wedding Photo Editing Services to us

No matter how much talented you are, imperfections may creep in. Therefore, outsourcing wedding image editing and retouching services are inevitable if you want to assure the satisfaction of your customers. Despite the marriage location or skills of the photographer, having a professional editing studio look into the wedding photo retouching tasks can be highly beneficial.

Besides, our wedding photo edits are not just limited to individuals. Photographers can also use it to reduce their heavy workload. Below are the various techniques implemented in our image editing services that are specifically designed for professional wedding photographers.

List of our Wedding Image Retouching Solutions include

  • Skin softening, removing blemishes or other skin imperfections for smoother appeal
  • Correction and maintenance of color, sharpness, contrast, tint and white balance, in the wedding photographs
  • Removing unwanted objects or people as well as tweaking the background

Benefits of Availing our Wedding Photo Retouching Services

  • We make use of advanced software programs and practices
  • Each client requirement is fulfilled by our expert team of wedding photo editors.
  • Quickestturnaround time while adhering to quality is assured.
  • Free samples are provided by which you can gauge the quality.
  • We are capable of working as per your exact guidelines.
  • We retain originality and your personal touch in every wedding photograph.
  • Backgrounds can be added or removed with our wedding image background retouching services.
  • Save your time as you need not spend it on focusing on high-quality shooting and post-processing.
  • We have a total grip in wedding photography post-production services.

Our professional photo editing services for wedding photographers are time-tested and proven. Irrespective of the wedding photo manipulation and retouching requirements you have, you can completely rely on our wedding photo retouching services for all your photography post-production works.


At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we never compromise when it comes to offering high-quality deliverables and customer satisfaction. Reach us and let us discuss your wedding photography post-processing project together. The personal photo style consultants at our organization will always make sure to provide results beyond your expectations.

Wedding pictures need to be impeccable. You must never compromise with it; we never do

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