WinBizSolutionsIndia holds a track record of excellence in 3D product modeling and rendering domains. With the help of our experienced graphics team, we can create highly impactful three-dimensional visualizations of any product by utilizing our professional 3D product visualizations services. Here, we carry out precise modeling and 3D rendering of products by incorporating the needed lighting, texture, and animation to develop realistic 3D product renders to attract the audience. We also offer end-to-end support to clients, starting from the creation of conceptual design until the development of the whole product.

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we understand that the advertisements and product packages offer visual cues that can be picked up subliminally by potential buyers. Such visual cues prominently influence the purchase decisions of prospective customers. To help businesses maximize the potential of the modeling concept and technologies, we have employed 3D modelers who can generate product images that are photorealistic. Our 3D product modeling services are perfectly geared to enhance the appeal of various advertisements and online promotional campaigns, point of sale displays, and logos.

3D Product Design & Visualization Services

We offer a variety of 3D visualization services at WinBizSolutionsIndia. But before we move to that part, let us first understand the process used for 3D rendering of products beginning with what is 3D product visualization. In this process, a product is realistically depicted to support visual communication with the help of 3D rendered product images, models, or artwork. It helps in enhancing the customer experience by enabling them to get a complete idea about the product they are about to purchase.

Now, let us discuss the various services included in it.

  • 3D Product Modeling

    The advent of three-dimensional modeling has eased the process of product design and development. At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we guarantee the success of your design projects by employing our 3D rendered product images. The 3D modeling services we offer are handled by experienced and talented graphic designers who can develop unique and realistic product 3D models. It would help them further to accurately address the needs of our clients and help them detect flaws in models and develop flawless prototypes.

  • 3D Product Rendering

    We deliver high-resolution and photorealistic 3D product models by employing our 3D product rendering services. We also offer whitespace rendering wherein products are rendered realistically in three-dimensional format on the white backdrop as well as contextual rendering wherein it is demonstrated in lifestyle environment. Our product rendering support can be used to develop product listings and engaging graphic content. Additionally, it can also be used for other popular campaigns with numerous visual touch points.

  • 3D Product Animation

    We work towards highlighting the functional aspects of your product. Visuals that grab attention display the stellar features in the design. With 3D product animation, complex processes and systems can be shown in an easy-to-comprehend way. Audiences are better engaged with animated videos and animation as a tool for promotion can be successfully used during new launch, displaying of items in trade shows, and for marketing. Our team can create compelling overviews and explanatory videos. We have delivered numerous product animation outcomes to our clients to help them add an edge to their marketing campaigns.

Our Process

We follow a simplified approach while creating the product 3D renders. The first step we take is to work closely with the clients to understand their goals, expectations, and specifications. If needed, we also provide  custom 3D modeling assistance that can help in developing the photorealistic design models. Then, we carry out a proper discussion and share all the details with each other. After that, we ask them to show us the actual product or provide us with images and dimensional aspects for the required design. We also request them to send us the artwork files in illustrator format or in JPEG mode in high resolution. The next step requires us to employ professional 3D product visualization software to carry out the work.

We employ the desired techniques or methods included in our 3D product design services to craft the designs with ultimate precision. Once it is done, we send it to our QA team for analyzing its quality. Once it is done, we send it to the clients for their approval. After their approval, the complete project is delivered to clients in their choice of format.

We Design High-quality Product 3D Models of


Our team can render different furniture types with the help of our furniture 3d modeling services. We can create exceptional furniture 3d design for a variety of furniture like office furniture, tables, sofas, chairs, beds, wood, living room furniture, wood or metal textured furniture, chair, modern furniture, contemporary and retro style furniture, etc. Our services can be availed of by architects, interior designers, advertisers, animators, application developers for the game, VR and AR, etc. We support all major file formats.

Automotive components

In the automobile segment, product visualization is facilitated by us through impeccable 3D modeling and rendering of automotive body design parts, car models, mechanical components, custom designed chassis, frames, automotive components, engine designs, subsystems such as turbo and superchargers, etc. Our services can be availed of by engineers, automotive designers, animators, advertisers etc. While delivering the 3D automotive renders, we make sure that it is offered back to clients in their choice of formats.

Packaging design

We can render 3D package designs for the clients by paying detailed attention to the structure and packaging of their products. Through this, we help clients display important information in the product packages so that their customers read it and get a brief idea about their products. We develop the 3D rendering of packages for a wide range of products, such as food, cosmetics, healthcare, industrial, retail, beverages, etc.