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Digital Conversion Services

Digital Conversion Services

Capitalize on the mobile revolution and reach your readers on a global scale.Convert your books into multiple formats to promote readability among diverse reader groups.

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WinBizSolutionsIndia is a trusted and professional digital conversion and e-publishing company offering a wide array of e-publishing services. Having a rich experience in providing varied types of electronic transformations, our specialization covers entire facets of epublishing solutions, starting from creation to delivery of final content as per the requirements and exact specifications of the customer.

With mobile devices gaining more and more popularity, digitization is scaling new dimensions and e-books are rapidly replacing books in print. Converting this trend into an opportunity for our customers by availing of extreme quality digital conversion services is what we relentlessly endeavor for. So, if you are looking for a prominent epublishing outsourcing service provider that can assist you with your digital publishing needs, then we can be the one.

Our Custom Digital Conversion Services Include

Ebook creation

Our all-inclusive and comprehensive eBook conversion services can convert files into electronic versions and vice-versa.

fixed layout epub conversion

Our fixed layout ePub conversion services make sure that the content doesn’t reflow but you can zoom in and out if required.

reflowable epub conversion

Reflowable ePub conversion

Our professionals are specialized in converting MS Word, PDFs, printed books, InDesign files etc. into free flow ePub formats.

interactive ebook

We incorporate technical adeptness as well as interactive multimedia elements into the eBooks to offer quality assistance.

pubmed conversion

Our professionals convert the biomedical journals or articles of different subjects into the desired PubMed XML format.

XML conversions

XML conversion

We provide a cost-effective option to convert your books, journals, manuscripts, etc. into XML format while assuring the highest quality.

DT book conversion

DT book conversion

Our services are helpful to those with visual inabilities as the content is comprehended by means of stellar quality audios.

Flash to HTML5 conversion

We convert Flash files into HTML5 to enhance their performance and compatibility with various devices and browsers.

Flash to HTML5 conversion

Digital archiving

We digitally archive documents by using state-of-the-art procedures and techniques as well as ensure easy retrieval.


Some of the questions that our customers ask frequently are listed below:

eBooks Created
Satisfied Publishers

WinBizSolutionsIndia has been in the digital publishing industry for years now and this has helped it to emerge as one of the best ePublishing companies in the world. We ensure that our digital conversion services are perfectly designed to provide the needed ePublishing support and help our clients address their electronic publishing complexities with ease. Our pricing structures are simple, which allows our clients to choose the services that they think would appropriately meet their project requirements. Call us to know how we can work together.

Case Studies

Fixed layout eBook conversion for a eBook publisher from UK

A leading eBook publisher from UK planned to convert the most popular fairy tales for children into ePub format, starting with Grimm’s Tales.

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ePub conversion services for a publishing house in Europe

We were contacted by a reputed Europe-based publishing house that had published numerous books in varied genres.

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Read aloud ePub conversion for a German book publisher

The client was a renowned German Publisher who was looking for read aloud ePub conversion services for children’s book.

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