WinBizSolutionsIndiaindia is a trusted name when it comes to the provision of professional photo editing services. Whatever the product is, our furniture photo editing experts employ the best practices to carry out the needed editing to produce clear and bright furniture pictures. This has enabled us to attain a good reputation for offering outstanding furniture photo editing services in the industry. Editing furniture image is something that WinBizSolutionsIndia masters.

If the images that represent your furnishings in the online store don’t have that appeal to sweep customers off their feet, chances are high that your furniture manufacturing company will fail to sustain itself in the online marketplace. As the world is getting more and more digitized, online stores are getting more sales than physical shops, and again those displaying quality furniture images are performing far better than the ones without furnishings on display.

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If you want to make your e-store a sales generating hub, then it is inevitable to use retail image editing and put attention-grabbing and remarkably alluring furnishing photos on the sites. We furnish you with varied and comprehensive furniture photo retouching services and enhancement for making the photos appear livelier, fascinating, and detailed. Furniture image enhancement can definitely lead to more sales and profits.

We provide various furniture photo editing services       

We provide a comprehensive range of photo editing services for various types of furnishings. Broadly, our furniture photo enhancement services can be categorized in two types, such as

  1. Residential Furniture Photo Editing

    This mainly includes the editing and retouching of furnishings used in homes or residential dwellings. A few examples of the different residential furnishings we edit are dressers, sofas, ottomans, tables, bookcases, chairs, coffee tables, beds, and many more.

  2. Commercial Furniture Photo Editing

    As the name suggests, here, we carry out the retouching and enhancement of furniture pictures that are used for commercial purposes. For example, office furniture, park benches, or the furnishings used in restaurants, bars, hotels, stadiums, boutiques, etc.

    Apart from these, a few other divisions are made in our service provisions which can be employed as a part of both residential and commercial furnishings. They are:

    • Artisan Furniture Image Editing
      These services are mainly employed for editing and retouching the furnishings, which is often crafted with hands. We make sure to preserve the details in the process.
    • Antique/ Refurbished Furniture Image Editing
      In this case, we carry out editing and retouching of vintage-style furniture items. These types of furnishings mostly belong to the classic, Victorian, or mid-century times.
    • Luxury Furniture Photo Editing
      We carry out the editing of high-end designer and luxury furnishings, mainly including individual furnishing items and sets, like solid wood hutches, iron bed frames, etc.

Furniture Product Image Editing Techniques we use at WinBizSolutionsIndia

We have worked with a lot of online stores with different types of furnishings and focusing on varied audiences. Thus, we have countless ideas for editing product pictures to fetch you the desired results. On getting the raw images, the professional team with us would elevate the quality and gracefulness of the product photos in such a way that it would magnetize buyers; your customers would find infinite reasons to buy from your online store. We in fact enjoy making your picture look perfect. Product photo clipping service is just one among many advanced techniques we implement.

If you just provide us a snap of an empty room, it would be enough. Our experts can provide virtual staging support to a home and furnish it with different styles of furnishings. We add chairs, tables, couches, TVs, curtains, lamps and other items to make the place appear absolutely stunning. Team with us is adept in

  • Background addition and removal
  • Maintaining color balance
  • Environment adjustment
  • Image cropping and resizing
  • Addition of special photo effects
  • Reducing glare
  • Removing the furniture reflections
  • Lights and brightness adjustments
  • Removal of unusual lighting or shadows
  • Maintenance of contrast
  • Image clipping
  • Touch up provisions for flamboyancy
  • Providing classic or vintage finishing
  • Adding 3D looks
  • HD resolution provision
  • Perspective correction
  • Color or size alterations
  • Creating pencil sketches on demand

We enhance chairs, beds, bookcases, racks, couches, shelves, benches, table stands and lots of other things. Our team is too particular about ensuring clarity, consistency and quality.

Businesses benefiting from our Furniture Image Retouching Services

We serve to every type and size of business with our stellar ecommerce product photo editing services. Our assistance has helped many businesses to perform better and generate more profits. Few to mention are

Furniture manufacturers and brands

Retail outlets

Magazines and catalogue publishers for furnishings

Online eCommerce stores

Photographers specialized in furniture photography

Real estate business

Get Furniture Photo Editing done from Experts

We have worked as a trusted partner for numerous companies as a dependable image enhancement services provider. Till now, we have served more than 500 customers from around the world. We house the most talented team of graphics editors for outsourcing furniture photo retouching and enhancement.

We provide them regular training and keep them equipped with the most advanced tools and technologies. This enables them to work systematically and stay religiously adhered to the guidelines specified by our revered clients. We can do anything and everything to cover your furniture photo editing needs.

Over the years, we have worked on various intricate product images with the help of our furniture photo editing services. This experience helped us to effectively identify the editing requirements of every image that reaches us. So, in case you are on the hunt for a reliable service provider that can deliver work on time with perfect outcomes, then we are the right people to share your burden with.

Contact us for the finest, most committed, and uncompromising furniture photo enhancement and image editing services.

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