The success of any business relies hugely on the market analysis done and on the adaptive measures taken to be in line with the market dynamics. Outsourcing is one of those many methods that a business considers to conduct apex quality surveys for collecting the refined data. Thus, CATI call center services, when used in any market research, can collect data by means of a telephone while reducing the expenses.

WinBizSolutionsIndia, as one of the best market research companies, provides the client with the finest quality CATI services in the industry. With our state-of-the-art technology and adept workforce, we assure hassle-free and high-class service provisions for our clients. We even go through all possible means to make sure that we deliver results with high speed and accuracy while collecting reliable data.

A typical market research company uses an efficient and interactive system that guides the assigned interviewer to perform the task in an immensely productive manner. Thus, while outsourcing your requirements to any CATI service providing companies, be assured of getting all the needed information without tolerating the discomfort or tension of planning and managing the whole affairs.

Why CATI services?

There is an onscreen questionnaire provided to the professionals in the call centers to garner responses from the potential respondents. After getting connected via telephone, the interviewer reads the questions on the screen and all the responses from the surveys are recorded. Since the data is being continually collected, the temporary and updated reports can easily, instantly and promptly compiled.

Elements of our CATI Market Research Services

WinBizSolutionsIndia is known for its word-class CATI system outsourcing services. Starting from a planned questionnaire, our in-house experts also collect customer feedback with the help of interviewers. We have everything that it takes to become a good organization providing the best CATI data collection.

We provide an onscreen questionnaire to the professionals in the call centers for garnering responses from their potential respondents. After connecting via telephone, the interviewer reads the questions on the screen. We, then, record all the responses from the surveys. Since we continually collect the data, we can easily, instantly, and promptly compile the temporary and updated reports.

Here’s what our CATI services include:

Use of Effective CATI Questionnaire

We create effective questions that garner valuable responses. Our CATI system then codes the collected data and updates it in the database.

Extraction of Appropriate Answers

Using built-in logic software, we can easily identify discrepancies in respondents’ answers. We then extract the best possible answer through probing.

Deployment of Error-Minimizing Strategies

We take measures with regard to auto dialing, randomization of call attempts, and regulation of the differences in time zone to minimize human errors.

Improvement of Effectiveness

We maintain a record of the customer compliance telephone interview for some time and we have a customer feedback option in place, which allows us to strive for continuous improvement.

Analysis & Reporting Services

As an efficient provider of CATI services, we conduct an in-depth analysis of vital information before preparing the report by accessing relevant data through voice recordings.

Automatic call

The efficiency of CATI research relies on automatic call scheduling that allows for timezone adjustments and call prioritization, thereby making a survey effective.

Why our CATI Research Company is among the best?

  • We are devoted to excellence as our interviewers are regularly trained to assure reliability & data quality.
  • Our interviewers influence the respondents to contribute their time to the survey and collect accurate information.
  • We offer regular training and strict monitoring to make the interviews exceptionally productive and useful for the client’s organization.
  • We offer comprehensive services to design a questionnaire for collecting responses, tabulations, charts, and reports.
  • Our enterprise reporting system collects real-time information and provides access to data analysis.
  • Our computer-assisted interview is fully translucent,and thus, clients can easily interact throughout the whole process.
  • We offer CATI questionnaire services to diverse industries like health care, insurance, real estate, broadcasting or advertising, etc.
  • Our telephone interview processing services include CATI while offering other solutions like CAPI and CAWI in 30 plus different languages.
  • Our auto dialing system assures limit manual errors and provides more valuable responses with the interview recordings.
  • Our CATI outsourcing services ensure absolute data security and confidentiality of the collected information for the clients.
  • Our auto-scheduling service allows arranging the calls by prioritizing important calls while considering the time zones.

This case study details how we succeeded in serving a health insurance company based in Texas with our exceptional CATI market research survey. Read here.

Hence, availing CATI services from WinBizSolutionsIndia ensures enhanced profits for the client’s business and reduces expenditure. It is more beneficial to the organizations having a large customer base. Apart from this, our updated software helps us to maintain a proper interview flow where clients can personalize questions while removing the irrelevant ones. It will enable them to pay attention to other vital tasks as well. In addition to this, we set economical prices for our telephone survey services so that it can fit the budget needs of various businesses.

Outsource CATI service requirements to us and pay only for youractual needs with our inexpensive in-house team offering the most effective solutions.

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