At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we offer excellent multilingual call center services to meet the needs of diverse customers who belong to different parts of the world. Our services are appropriately designed to help our executives overcome barriers with regard to time zones, cultural diversities, and linguistic variance.

Multilingual Call Center Services

Our call center executives can effectively communicate with customers in their native languages to connect with them better and to improve the company-customer relationship. This goes a long way to promote customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and significantly reduce the overhead costs.

We offer our call center services in 30+ languages and also provide back office solutions according to the requirements of our clients. Having a well-trained team of multilingual staff, we can reduce the wait time and efficiently handle customer calls, which, in turn, may translate into increased revenues. Our world-class call centers feature the best infrastructure, software, and tools in the industry and have personnel who can take your customer service operations to the next level.

We Offer Multilingual Call Center Support in the Following Languages

  • Arabic
  • Albanian
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Cantonese
  • Canadian French
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • English
  • French

Our Multilingual Customer Support Services Include

Cross-selling and upselling

Our call center executives are trained to identify unique customer needs and can aptly apply their knowledge to sell similar or related products and services.

Live chat

Our customer support executives deliver interactive chat support to resolve the queries of the users in their preferred language.


Our inbound customer service is delivered by smart and knowledgeable staff, helping clients to resolve their customers queries in a timely manner.

Outbound support

Our outbound contact center services are designed to support our client’s expansion plans. Whether it is through telemarketing or through market research, we can help you grow.

Tech support

Our technical support team can troubleshoot technical issues related to software, hardware, or network, saving time and preserving the productivity of the users.

Email support

We provide email support to businesses and address their customers’ queries on their behalf. Timely communication does play a role in boosting brand loyalty.

Order management services

We value timeliness. Our order management services are meant to promote timely order fulfillment, increased sales, fewer errors, cost reduction, and a satisfied customer base.

Phone-call answering services

Executives delivering phone answering services can answer calls competently, even after office hours, allowing our clients to remain live throughout the day.


Our telemarketing services help businesses reach their potential customers and provide detailed information about their products and services to induce sales, making market entry easier.

Key Features of Our Multilingual Customer Support

We can help our clients gain a competitive edge in the industry through our bilingual and multilingual customer service outsourcing. With many years of outsourcing experience, we are perfectly positioned to:

  • Provide customized services according to different time zones.
  • Execute transparent and efficient inbound and outbound multilingual processes.
  • Offer bilingual customer service to handle calls, e-mails, virtual assistants, live chat, etc.
  • Adopt a value-driven and cost-effective approach to address unique needs.
  • Deliver support on a global scale in different locations around the world.
  • Guarantee 24/7 availability to handle staff, clients, and customers

Why Should You Outsource Multilingual Call Center Services to Us?

Read the case study to know how we helped a printer service providing company with our multilingual help-desk support team.

Need agents who can communicate with customers in their native languages for solving their problems? Hire our multilingual call center services.

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