Illustration and artwork can add life to text, which otherwise may boast a monotonous look and feel. Illustration can also help to convey scientific and product-related information with clarity. Illustration forms an integral part of children’s books and can be strategically utilized to create unique reading experience.The following case studies describe our illustration designing projects that have helped publishers and authors in creating bigger impacts on their target audience:

We hired the services of WinBizSolutionsIndia for the first time in 2013. We must say that people working here are illustration champions and the outcomes they generate add more clarity to concepts and enhance the overall appeal of the document. We are completely content with their assistance.

Publishing Director, publishing house, Germany

Till now, we have relied on WinBizSolutionsIndia for more than 15 projects and for every project they demonstrate the same level of passion, professionalism, and commitment. They take special interest in developing kid’s book illustration and come up with awesome stuff. It’s always a fun to work with them.

Author & Writer, Florida, USA

We were in search of a reliable team to help us with all our character animation and illustration-related requirements. As it was a recurring task, we were too specific about certain criteria with regard to standard, quality, and schedule and I am happy to declare that WinBizSolutionsIndia met all the criteria. The teams have vast experience in the domain and the experts are highly committed to delivering satisfying project experiences.

Publishing Editor, publishing company, UK

Our molecular biology branch was lacking the support of professional illustrators who could come up with the best representations of various concepts. WinBizSolutionsIndia caught our attention when we searched the web for the best molecular illustration services in India. The very first interaction with them gave us positive vibes and today we know that we were not wrong. The illustration and artwork provided by the team are truly useful for the research and education communities.

Marketing Manager, famous health care center, USA