Here are some of the basic questions most frequently asked by our clients when it comes to eBook conversion. These FAQs will surely help you to get detailed insights about our services and our efficiency in eliminating the problems or confusion of our clients.

We have more than 150 professionals including coders, developers, project managers, SME’s, multimedia programmers, document specialists, copywriters, editors as well as proof-readers. We make sure that resources with us are allocated only those projects that fall under their particular specialization areas. For every project, a new team is created and its size and type is reliant of the requirements project have.

We make use of only human coders for transforming your work into e-publications. Automated tools and processes to documents into eBooks always pave way for un formatted outputs. To say, footnotes, graphs, headings and tables etc. may not be displayed properly. This is the reason why we believe that human intervention is pivotal to ensure precise and compact formatting.

We accept books and documents in any electronic file format. Few to mention are MS Word, Text, PDF, InDesign, RTF file, Quark, HTML, XHTML and XML format etc.

You can submit your projects through emails, CD/DVD etc. Secure FTP connections are recommended. For the same, you should make use of FTP software such as CuteFTP for accessing our FTP server. For uploading your books and getting access to the FTP server, get your validated login credentials by emailing us.

A lot of factors are taken into considered while determining the digital conversion cost. Few among them are the source type, formatting complexity, table’s usage, images used, scientific and mathematical expressions used and text density etc.

Following parameters influence the pricing.

  • Source format: MS word, Print PDF, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Printed Book etc…
  • Complexity: Text density, columns, sidebars, external & internal links, tables, illustrations, graphs etc.
  • Output desired: ePub, ePub 3, fixed layout, enhanced ePub, PRC/Mobi, XML, KF8 and PDB

Cost of multilingual eBook conversion varies significantly based on the material’s technical levels and language. For Eg : Since some languages don’t use script based on Latin, it becomes a challenge to integrate individually these and keys for needed digitization.

As all the projects are unique in varied aspects, time taken would depend on the nature of project, requirement specification clarity and complexity level involved.

More words obviously means more time is needed. In case of longer projects to be completed on immediate basis, we add more people to the team and frame strategies internally to speed up the processes without compromising on quality.

When the documents have more tables, charts, illustrations, graphics, graphs and images etc., the manual intervention needed is more. With our perfectly planned time deliverables as well as promptness, you get the work on time.

With the comfort and security of our customers in mind, we accept payments via PayPal, credit cards and wire transfer. An additional surcharge is charged if you are using credit card facility or PayPal. Another option for you is wire transfer.

Integrity, authorization and access are attached with appropriate technological measures for ensuring the safety of complete client details.  This comprises of

  • Encoded Data Transfer- SSL 3.0 version is used which is most accepted industry standard.
  • Time & Access Control Systems and  Biometric systems
  • CCTV Cameras
  • NDA and confidentiality agreements with all employees.

We offer a free no-obligation sample project for all our clients for the first time. While you can judge our capabilities in data conversion services, we can understand your exact requirements by this.

Our company enters into SLAs to ensure clear understanding of quality, time deliverables and execution methods.

We have established proper processes to ensure that the services remain competitive and maximum beneficial for you

  • Once the project starts, a team lead (SME) gets in touch you; he will serve as your sole point of contact.
  • You get complete control in the project at all stages of execution.
  • Based on client requirements, an SOM is defined.
  • Team is formed and if needed scaled up followed by instantaneous training as per SOM.
  • Team lead supervises the project execution.
  • Quality adherence is assured via stringent processes, timetables and authentication checks.
  • Final project is delivered by secure server IDs or FTP.

Opt for email, tele-conversation or Skype. If you want us to call you, drop us a line detailing your contact number as well as suitable time to make the call.