Architectural 3D modeling services

Our aim is to provide diverse architectural 3D modeling services that would help our clients create designs, plan and visualise the different phases of a construction project.

We have an experienced and well-qualified team on board that have previously created 3D models for various construction projects like that of shopping centres, airports, residential areas, hospitals etc…

With the objective of providing our clients with nothing but the best, our team uses most advanced tools. The use of such technology helps us to coordinate with several team members and investors of project who are actively involved in the many stages of the designing of a specific architectural project.

Depending on the client’s needs, teams at various offices can easily work together on the project. Unified alliance and allocation of data for the process can occur across offices if need be. With synchronised coordination, good and open communication, we ensure success for all our projects.

We offer the following 3D modeling services

Point Cloud 3D BIM Models

A 3D laser scan data is taken as ‘point cloud’ data and is used to make create BIM models. Generally, scanned images to 3D models are created by us in the case of already existing buildings if there are no latest plans available.  Our team sets out to model all the proposed changes so that the client has a clear idea and a rationalized model using which our team plans to progress.

Revit BIM 3D Models

Our team extensively uses Autodesk Revit Architecture to facilitate smart Revit 3D BIM Modeling services. Such models are created for varied architectural projects and are one of the most effective 3D marketing tools. Making use of BIM models is very beneficial because this way, whenever a change is made to any plan, elevation or section, corresponding changes are done as well. This feature is called as “integrated by-directional associativity’. With our experience in Revit 3D Modeling services provision for major homebuilders in countries like US, UK, Australia and Canada, we assure our clients nothing but the best.

3D CAD Building Models

As earlier mentioned, our team uses AutoCAD Architecture, ArchiCAD, and Autodesk Revit etc. for our clients. With the help of two dimensional plans for layout and elevation, we can make the complete structural and architectural model of the design, moulding it to the exact specifications. Our expertise lies in ArchiCAD 3D Modeling. It is our endeavour to maintain models of a design right from its inception to its installation.

SketchUp Models

Aiming to satisfy the needs of all our clients like architects, specialist users and developers, we give them SketchUp models depicting all of the phases of design process. These SketchUp 3D models either can be simple or incredibly detailed- according to the requirement of the client. Such models are flexible enough for being used across various applications like AutoCAD, Revit and some other simulated software applications as well.

4D CAD Building Models

An extra element of scheduling based on time is added to the 3D models that we create. This is done for the important contracting personnel and all the project managers. The 3D models are incredibly useful because they depict the progress of design over a period of time and help manage time, money and all other resources much more effectively.

3D cad modeling services & Revit Modeling

3D models are created for the entire detailed design. This includes all the fittings, fixtures, furniture and everything else that comes within the domains of construction as well as engineering. OEM’s use our modelling services because such designs are inclusive of all constraints along with parameters that are modified according to the requirements of the client.

If you would like to get more details or samples of our services, please reach us.

3D Architectural Modeling at WinBizSolutions

We create pleasing models that are not only realistic 3-dimensional models but they also enhance the architectural value of the client’s design

When talking specifically about our 3D modeling expertise, they include architectural 3D modeling where we create models for residential buildings, office towers, hospital and commercial building like shopping malls etc. In exterior 3D modeling and interior 3D modeling, we add in all delicate details like doors, wall textures, window, materials, textures and so on, and 3D furniture and Product Modeling.

We, at WinBizSolutions, work with the latest technology (the latest CAD, SketchUp and 3DS Max Software) to create all the intricate details of our clients’ projects, keeping in mind the extended possibility of converting these models into walkthrough animations. Needless to say, such animations are extremely useful for marketing and presentations.

We have 4 phases in our working methodology plan.

  • Consultation phase– We discuss and understand about your needs and establish certain milestones.
  • Modeling phase– We provide you with a virtual image of the building.
  • Revising phase – We take your feedback and iron out all the problems.
  • Delivery phase – Final working files are delivered in the exact format that has been requested.

Why WinBizSolutions?

  • We are a team of well qualified professionals with experience in 3D modeling.
  • Our team utilise all the latest technologies strategically to leverage them optimally.
  • We are known to create aesthetically appealing models.
  • High quality of work is ensured regardless of the timeline constraints and complexity.
  • We are time and cost effective. It is imperative to us that we stick to our deadlines.
  • Each project is treated with the utmost of care and sincerity.
  • All the information given to us is kept strictly confidential.
  • Precision and an eye to details is a characteristic we always display.
  • Guaranteed data safety and an excellent professional output.

We are a professional 3d modeling company that is equipped to handle your projects and offer you nothing but the best.

Get in touch with us if you require exceptional class of modeling services.