3d Architectural Modeling Service

At WinBizSolutions, our aim is to provide diverse architectural 3D modeling services that would help our clients create 3D building designs, floor plans and visualize the different phases of a construction project.

With the objective of providing our clients with the best, our team uses the most advanced tools. The use of such technology helps us to coordinate with several team members and investors of the project who are actively involved in the many stages of the designing of a specific architectural project.

We offer the following building 3d architecture modeling services

  • Point Cloud 3D BIM Models

    We provide high-quality point cloud services to exceptionally meet the survey needs of our clients in the construction industry and related professions globally. Our team possesses the required skillset with experience to help real estate firms to fulfill the vital requirement of refurbishment and renovation projects. In order to provide conventional data outputs, we use the building information modeling (BIM) and light detecting and ranging (LiDAR) scanning technology to reduce the risk of omission, error, and accuracy.

  • Revit BIM 3D Models

    We deliver Revit drafting and BIM modeling services which are dedicated to all types of construction projects serving multiple disciplines like architectural, structural, and MEP BIM. This helps our clients to avail high quality virtual 3D models of floor plans, elevation, and section easily without having the knowledge of CAD software. Our skilled professional team has proven expertise to handle complex projects for residential and commercial buildings, apartments, hospitality complex, education centers, etc.

  • CAD Architecture Models

    With our vast expertise on CAD architectural modeling, we provide various support for creating the interior and exterior views of the housing or building complexes. These services can be used by various architects, engineers, general contractors, builders, retailers, etc. to get an overall idea of the project before the actual construction takes place. It helps to visualize the room space, understand the layout plans, and identify the location of windows, doors, entry, and exit points which can be useful to the clients while making decisions regarding renovations and decorations.

  • SketchUp models

    Our extensive experience on SketchUp modeling technology helps clients with customizing the minute details of the required project like modifying the shape, size, color, etc. Our skilled team of architects, engineers, and drafters offer superior quality SketchUp services like 3D animation, rendering, residential or commercial drawings, modeling, SketchUp to CAD conversion, etc. The models created are flexible enough to be used in various applications like AutoCAD, Revit, as well as other simulated software applications.

  • Interior 3D modeling

    We provide the required assistance to meet each and every requirement of interior 3D modeling for various residential and commercial properties such as houses, mansions, restaurants, malls, office buildings, skyscrapers, healthcare facilities, etc. We assure that the delivered outputs are of high-quality and photorealistic that exactly suits the needs of our clients.

  • 3D Exterior modeling

    We deliver 3D modeling and rendering services to enhance the exterior features of the architectural structures such as the texture, material, and surrounding details. We put in our best efforts to provide comprehensive visualizations to clients through added depth and realistic designs that cater to different residential areas, public utilities, retail outlets, commercial spaces, etc.

  • 3D Floor Plan model

    Our intuitive 3D floor plans provide a top view of the building interior which gives the overall idea regarding the furniture and wall placement, kitchen layout, floor style, etc. Apart from this, we also provide interactive and virtual floor plan models that can be integrated into any website to showcase the property to potential customers for marketing and presentation purposes.

  • Landscape 3D models

    Our 3D landscape modeling services produce outstanding landscaping models by incorporating creativity and talent along with the exact realization of your property. Our dedicated team of 3D artists help to further increase the beauty of your outdoor space, thereby increasing its value. We make sure to meet every requirement of the client while considering the budget as well as quality.

    In exterior and interior 3D modeling, we add all the delicate details like doors, wall textures, window, materials, etc. to the 3D furniture and product models. Also, our experts have an experience in creating various 3D furniture models for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor, etc.

    We, at WinBizSolutions, work with the latest 3D architecture software like,SketchUp, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Maya and more to create all the intricate details of the clients’ projects, keeping in mind the extended possibility of converting these models into walkthrough animations. Needless to say, such animations are extremely useful for marketing and presentations.

We create architectural 3D models for

  • Residential buildings (Apartments, villas, bungalows, farmhouse, etc.)
  • Commercial buildings (Office space, hospitals, institutions, shopping malls, resorts, etc.)
  • Industrial buildings (Factories, warehouses, mills, workshops etc)
  • Transport buildings (Airports, bus & railway stations, etc.)

Our working methodology

  • Consultation phase

    We discuss and understand about your needs and establish certain milestones.

  • Modeling phase

    We provide you with a virtual image of the building.

  • Revising phase

    We take your feedback and iron out all the problems.

  • Delivery phase

    Final working files are delivered in the exact format that has been requested.

Why should you hire our 3D BIM modeling services?

  • We are a team of well-qualified professionals with experience in 3D modeling.
  • Our team utilizes all the latest technologies strategically to leverage them optimally.
  • We are known to create aesthetically appealing models.
  • The high quality of work is ensured regardless of the timeline constraints and complexity.
  • We offer timely delivery of projects with cost-effective solutions. It is also imperative to us that we stick to our deadlines.
  • Each project is treated with the utmost care and sincerity.
  • All the information given to us is kept strictly confidential.
  • Precision and an eye to details is a characteristic we always display.
  • Guaranteed data safety and an excellent professional output.

We are a professional architectural modeling studio that is equipped to handle your projects regardless of the size while guaranteeing accurate representation of your concepts. This helps the clients to save money and time on constructions. We also make sure that our designs cope up with the ongoing trends as well as goes through a quality check before reaching the clients.

Get in touch with us if you require exceptional class of modeling services.


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