This FAQ page will effectively answer all your queries related to our graphic designing services. It will also help you to make the best use of our services by outsourcing your project requirements. Apart from that, you will get an overall idea of the pricing, turnaround time, working procedures, etc.

Our experts offer comprehensive creative design solutions including

our expertise encompasses every level of graphic design works. We also design envelops, letterheads, packages, mailing labels, and business presentations etc. Our experts offer a lot more. Contact us for more details regarding our provisions.

Charges are reliant on numerous factors. However, being a responsible company driven by professionalism and ethics we can ensure you one thing-best ROI value. Normally, we decide the pricing based on the number of hours or time consumed. Also the type of design work done also determines the costing. We don’t charge for quick revisions or changes but if it takes more than 30 minutes reasonable charges will be incurred. If your requirements are really customized, let us know. We won’t hesitate to provide you a custom-made package.

We accept payment through personal or business checks, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, VISA , PayPal, and Wire transfer.

We initially carry out a detailed discussion with you to know everything possible about the project. If you can provide samples, ideas or color combinations you prefer, we would really appreciate. Else also don’t worry. We are highly creative and can start from blank. We don’t finish the work soon after approval. To ensure that the work is proceeding in a way you anticipate, we set different milestones and ask for your approvals periodically. After work completion, we do the demanded editing and submit the work in formats you prefer.

You stay connected to us as we get in touch with you throughout at certain preset milestones for approval.

The client is kept abreast of the progress of their job through our approval process. By this, both the parties stay on same page. However, we have all channels of communication kept open 24/7 including mails, phones, Skype and others.

On project completion and final payment reception, the entire ownership is yours. We will send you all the files via email, FTP or CD based on your request. Our company will keep a copy of the project as you may need further updates. This also serves as a savior in case if you lose your copies.

After we receive the final payment, you hold the copyright. However, we bear the right of using any of the works for advertising and promotional purposes.

First of all we discuss with the client to understand his actual and exact needs. Post that, we carry out a research to analyze his target market and competitors. If the client already has a logo, we will look into its pitfalls and upsides. If redesigning is enough, we would suggest so. Else, we will advice for a completely new logo creation. There are clients who approach us with a design concept. For them, we develop their ideas and realize the same. Else, we can begin from the scratch. In both the cases, we collect maximum possible information before starting the work. Based on your package, the number of concepts and reworks vary. Our services are however completely flexible.

This depends on the type of project and quanta of the same. Besides, the clarity of communication and ideas from your end are decisive. But for urgent requirements also, we can help. We are highly resourceful and can finish the work even in stiffest schedules.

Just give us a call and discuss with us. With right people to hear you and to back you, nothing is infeasible. We can help you immensely and set things right for you. Our experts can offer solutions that you may have not even thought of before.

After work approval, we prepare the design in multiple formats and send to you via mail or other options of your choice. Some of the popular formats are:

  • AI
  • PDF
  • EPS
  • JPEG
  • PNG

Though the package inclusion of revision rounds is enough, still if you need more tweaking, we offer you the same at nominal rates. Call us to discuss.