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DAISY Digital Talking Book conversion

Having understood the importance of digital talking documents, at WinBizSolutions, we have equipped ourselves with unrivaled DTBook conversion services, especially for Daisy XML based files at affordable costs.

DTBooks (Daisy Digital Talking Book) are suggestive of the name- books that talk. Preferred by a large group of people who are more comfortable hearing a document read rather than reading it, this type of digital book is gaining popularity at an immense pace.

What makes DTBooks better than other formats?

While all other formats support people who can actually read, this format allows people to hear the content of the document. They are incorporated with a digitized audio file that can read the text of the document aloud so that the person can hear it.  Specially designed for those with certain reading inabilities and children who are comfortable in hearing a document rather than reading it, DTBooks make it easy to comprehend the content of the document smoothly.

DTBook Conversion Services from WinBizSolutions

Being an experienced DTBook conversion service provider, we make sure that our DTBooks function on a wide range of gadgets including mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and those players meant for talking books. Several institutions like government offices, universities and associations benefit from our daisy digital talking book conversion services. We also cater to writers and distributors.

Ours is a well-established company that offers the most affordable and comprehensive eBook conversion to clients across the world. Adept and inventive in our approach, the ever-growing band of global clients is the best testimonial that we can present to you.

Our DTBook XML Conversion Services includes

  • The creation and conversion of material into XML-NIMAS documents converted to ANSI NISO Standards
  • Complying with the standards of Daisy Consortium to create DTBooks
  • Appropriate implantation of sound records and inclusion of visual elements
  • No fidelity loss while the content is being translated
  • Creation of DTBooks aimed at mobile phones and devices
  • Conversion of content readable on personal computers having CD drives
  • Application of MathML element fulfilling all mandatory standards

Why choose WinBizSolutions for DTBook conversion

  • Our staffs are among the best DAISY XML conversion experts, a client could ever get.
  • We are experienced, skilled and known to go out of the box for supporting the evolving client requirements.
  • We have always been known to use the best industry standard conversion techniques and strategies.
  • Supported by extremely advanced tools, we always strive to better ourselves and keep on raising the bar.
  • With a keen eye for any sort of inaccuracies, we find and fix errors as it happens in real time.
  • With unique correction measures and quality checks, we deliver the project up to 100% quality compliance.
  • Various project management techniques are used to ensure project compliance with client specifications.
  • Our team maintains real-time communication with the clients as well.

Providing unbelievable value propositions for clients requirements in XML data conversion & ePub conversionwe can add real worth to your targeted readers.

To know more about our DTBook development services, shoot us a mail. Our professionals will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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