3D Product Visualization

WBS excels in offering 3D rendering and visualization services for products. Advertisements and product packages offer visual cues which are picked up subliminally by potential buyers. These visuals prominently influence the purchasing decisions of prospective customers. It is important that product images are photorealistic and 3D realism is evident on 2D printed pictures. With 3D product visualization services, WBS offers to enhance the appeal of various advertisement touchpoints like online promotional campaigns, point of sale displays, logos etc.

Product 3D Visualization Services at WBS

3D Product Modeling

In this digitally vibrant time, the designing and development of products are essentially centered on 3D modeling. WBS assures the success of 3D design projects by offering accurate modeling services. Realistic product 3d model is developed by our designers in consultation with clients. Innovation is applied to ensure that the products in the pipeline are developed by our clients in cost competitive and viable manner.

The designing process definitely takes a boost when the idea can be visualized in three-dimensional environment and not on 2D static paper. When the product is realistically rendered, potential problems can be identified at early stages of designing. This would also help in proper prototyping.

3D Product Rendering

The products rendered by WBS are extremely high resolution and photorealistic. You can save significantly on the cost front by showing off your design before it is populated. Design defects can also be discovered. We offer whitespace rendering wherein products are rendered realistically in 3D on the white backdrop. Contextual rendering wherein the product is demonstrated in lifestyle environment is also offered.

Our team is highly experienced in designing renders for product listings, graphic content for online posting, and for other popular campaigns with numerous visual touchpoints.

3D Product Animation

WBS helps in highlighting the functional aspects of your product. Visuals that grab attention display the stellar features in the design. Complex processes and systems can be shown in easy to comprehend way. Audiences are better engaged with animated videos by which using animation as a tool of promotion proves valuable during launch of new products, displaying products in trade shows, and for marketing.

Our team can create compelling product overviews and explanatory videos. We have delivered numerous 3D product animations to our clients for their prestigious products.

Our Process

We discuss with clients to understand their aspirations, expectations and specifications. We ask clients to show us the actual product or provide us with images and dimensional aspects. The artwork files have to be supplied to us in Illustrator format or in jpeg mode in high resolution. Custom 3d modeling would be done by us and superlative quality as well as photorealistic design would be provided back.

Different categories we support

  • Furniture

    Our team can render different furniture types in 3D. Furniture types include office furniture, tables, sofas, chairs, beds, wood, living room furniture, word or metal textured furniture, chair, modern furniture, contemporary and retro style furniture etc. Our services can be availed of by architects, interior designers, advertisers, animators, application developers for game, VR and AR. We support all major file formats.

  • Electronics

    We have the expertise to build compelling 3D models of smartphones, cameras, laptops, televisions, devices, electronic items, and other technological products. Our services can be availed of by animators, game designers, AR/VR application developers, architects, interior designers, scene makers and level designers. The outputs are available in all popular and major file formats.

  • Automotive Components

    In the automobile segment, product visualization is facilitated by us through impeccable 3D modeling and rendering of automotive body design parts, car models, mechanical components, custom designed chassis, frames, automotive components, engine designs, subsystems such as turbo and superchargers, etc. Our services can be availed of by engineers, automotive designers, animators, advertisers etc. The output is available in formats as required by clients.

  • Jewelry

    Experts at WBS can design and develop 3D models and renders jewelry types such as gems, wedding rings, bracelets, filigreed jewelry, engagement rings, diamond, gold and silver jewelry, printable jewelry etc. Jewelry designers can avail of our services. The 3D models are compatible with 3D printing technologies like FDM, SLA, SLS, etc.

  • Apparel

    We are capable of developing 3D rendering of apparel types for wardrobe chain, fashion, clothing styles, fashion store, dress and fashion as well as beauty shows. Our creative team caters to fashion designers, game designers, augmented reality and virtual reality application and 3D design developers, animators, 3D visualization for clothing types etc.

Avail affordable 3D visualization from experts

WBS offers affordable 3D visualization and rendering by leveraging contemporary technologies and state of the art digital infrastructure. Our team can rapidly demonstrate products or architectural perspectives visually in realistic manner.

With 3D rendering, the story of a product or concept in the pipeline can be told convincingly with attractive imagery. This boosts marketing efforts, saves time and money spent on prototyping, and highlights those aspects which are not visible in the 2D image.

Compelling product 3d rendering is capable of saving expenses related to photographing and overcoming limitations faced by photographers. Sufficient lighting, proper ambience and location is no longer an issue.

Benefits of Associating with WBS

  • Seasoned professionals with extensive training
  • Cost competitive rates for superlative quality renders
  • Customized 3D rendering and visualization services
  • Flexible clauses adaptable to clients’ specifications
  • Lowest turnaround time in the industry
  • Clients’ information is kept confidential
  • Non-disclosure agreement signed to protect the integrity of patented designs
  • Secure transaction process
  • Leveraging of contemporary, cutting-edge technology in state of the art studios

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WBS is the leading outsourcing provider of 3d visualization services to domestic and overseas clients. We assure you the availability of fully professional, completely customized, superior quality 3D rendering of your products’ designs in standard format. As the most preferred 3d design firm, we live up to your expectations by building and optimizing virtual photo design set for your products. The quality of our 3D rendering services is praised by all our clients. You can request for past samples of our work and we would gladly share the same with you for reference.

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