WinBizSolutionsIndia delivers world-class cover design services. The graphic designers at WinBizSolutionsIndia have solid expertise in generating stunning book cover designs. We have a team of experienced designers who create stunning graphics by bringing together concepts, images, and typography in the best possible manner. While designing book covers, we make sure that the cover design perfectly complements the book genre and content quality.

custom book cover design

Cover Page Design

When you outsource your creative tasks to a reputed graphic design firm like WinBizSolutionsIndia, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tasks will be handled by the best design experts in the industry. We would deliver extraordinary book cover designs at the best rates. We are one of the leading cover designing companies in India, so when you outsource your custom cover design service needs to us, you would know that you would be getting your investments justified in the best possible way.

When you use our professional book cover design services, we would create striking covers that match the content and tone of your book. No matter what a book’s genre or topic is, we have a team of talented graphic designers who can create unique and creative front or back book cover designs that can create an impact on the target readers. Additionally, we would incorporate the ISBN barcode at the back of the book, if needed.

Various Types of Cover Design Services We Offer

Our cover design services can offer striking covers that match the content and tone of the book. No matter what the book’s genre or topic is, we have a team of talented graphic designers who can create impactful, unique, and creative front or back book cover designs for attracting potential readers. Besides this, we can also incorporate the ISBN barcode at the back of the book, if needed.

The Book Cover Design Process at WinBizSolutionsIndia

We follow a strategic approach to create unique designs while adhering to our clients’ specific guidelines as well. The book cover design process includes the following steps

client interaction

Discussion session

We start with a detailed discussion with the client to understand how the book’s cover can be designed. At this stage, we get an idea about the book’s theme and the target readers.

formal quotation

Give a quote

Once our discussions about the client’s design expectations are completed, we decide on a feasible option based on the client’s budget and specifications. We then suggest a quote.

initial draft creation

Creating initial drafts

In the next few days, we would send a few design drafts via email to the client. Once the client provides feedback, we would send the final version.

image selection

Selecting images

Our clients are free to choose from images that they already have and we can work on them by experimenting with illustrations, diagrams, signs, and settings.

completion of cover

Creating final design

As one of the best cover design companies, we ensure that we create appealing cover designs based on our clients’ guidelines. We create unique designs for every unique project.

submit for review


We will send the final draft for review and would incorporate changes in the cover design based on the client’s inputs. Once the book cover design gets approved, we would send the file via VPNs or FTPs in the form of a high-resolution image in the PDF format.

Why Should You Hire Us for Custom Banner Designs?

WinBizSolutionsIndia is a leading provider of book cover design services and when you do business with us, we would provide you with the following benefits

  • We guarantee accurate solutions and meet our clients’ expectations at all costs.
  • Our designers are proficient at using all advanced tools and technologies.
  • We can create magazine design of specific formats as per printer-specific requirements.
  • We have proper infrastructure and workforce to complete the task within short turnaround times.
  • We maintain image perfection, color consistency, and branding guidelines.
  • We have employed the industry’s most experienced book cover designers in our team.
  • We offer the best quotes in the industry; our customized packages help our clients to make the most out of our services.
  • Our support staff remains operational throughout the day and so our clients can contact us at anytime they want.
  • We have deployed strict data security measures, which allow us to protect our clients’ vital data.
  •  We deploy advanced infrastructure, which enables us to handle varied projects of varied complexities.

We put every effort to make sure that our clients get the best outcomes for their project. We have the required experience, expertise, and passion for producing creative graphics to increase the appeal of book cover designs. Our graphic design services are perfectly aligned to serve the varied needs of diverse categories of clients. With solid experience in working with different authors, publishers, libraries, and content providers, our book cover designers are perfectly aligned to generate outcomes as per our clients’ expectations. `We also provide creative graphic design services for magazine layout creation, if requested by our clients.

Use our cover design services; create a bold statement and instantly attract the attention of your target readers. Our professionally–designed book covers are customized to suit your specific needs.

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