Successful editing of event videos for a reputed professional Studio

WinBizSolutions is always raring to help clients out in clearing huge backlogs of video editing related requirements by optimally harnessing its resources and human capital. This wedding video editing case study pertains to one such Professional Studio in Australia which required immediate processing of event videos in short period with impeccable quality

The Client

At WinBizSolutions, we are always committed to offer clients more than their expectations. This has won us the loyalty of customers and references from them. We had been referred to the Professional Studio by one of our satisfied clients whom we had bailed out in the past from a predicament. The studio didn’t want to employ regular editors on its rolls as they solely wanted to focus on shooting for prestigious events including weddings. The studio had been on a shooting spree and had numerous event videos accumulated with them which needed to be professionally edited with 99% accuracy. The client expected meticulous treatment of each video and required us to render those portions crisper which can be considered as the highlights of the event. For this, the client wanted us to deploy experienced professionals who have worked on event video editing previously. Further, we had to cull out important moments of the event and create a short video offering glimpses into the highlights or spotlight moments.

The Challenge

The client had provided us with raw files that were cumbersome owing to the FHD format of storage. The total file size ran into every hundreds of gigabytes. In order to transfer the files from client’s storage to our system through secured media was a challenge. Events reflect the corporate or individual prestige of the organizer and we were entrusted with the responsibility of making a smart and bold statement with our editing skills. Client’s feedbacks had to be sought after each milestone.

The Solution

WinBizSolutions quickly assigned a Project Manager to mobilize resources and coordinate activities. We hired optimum bandwidth lines to expeditiously download the files from client’s system. Seasoned editors who had worked beforehand on large videos for delivering outstanding results within shortest turnaround were chosen. A sample video was prepared and sent to gauge if were able to live up to the expectations of the client. The client did like it. We mooted the proposal of deploying a remote server for accessing client’s videos instead of relying on quirky bandwidth. Upon implementation, this allowed us to pace up our delivery from 15 to 25 videos per month.

Each video was assiduously examined and redundant parts were clipped out. Succession of events was planned depending upon their relative importance. Unwanted sounds in the backdrop were muted and music pleasing to the ears was inserted at strategic video key frames. Each video was shared with client on remote server for feedbacks and incorporating the same. Adobe Premier and Video Editor Pro software were used for immaculate results.

The Results

Initially, we were entrusted with 50 event videos for editing. But, after gaining insights into our expedited professional wedding video editing services, consciousness of customer’s needs, and impeccable editing; we were provided with the responsibility of editing all their ending event videos. Our accuracy rate had surpassed client’s expectations and the studio continues to entrust us with all their event video editing needs till date.

WinBizSolutions can cater to your professional video editing needs of all scales within realistic time frame. We have best in class editing experts, sound artists, grading connoisseurs on our ranks.

Share your needs with us and get a no string attached quotation for your requirements. WinBizSolutions would certainly do justice to your needs when it comes to the provision of video editing services.

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