advanced video editing techniques

Video editing tips and techniques

Quality and precision matters the most in case of videos. It is therefore the obvious accountability of a professional video editor to make sure of excellence in entire aspects of the final output.  If you are learning the ropes of video editing and want to know what it takes to get a ‘picture perfect’ output, then this insightful write-up from our experts would surely prove to be of great benefits for you.

One cannot achieve good results at a single shot. Only in course of time and some considerable amount of efforts, perfection can be attained. We have some really creative and advanced video editing tips and techniques which will help you to fine tune videos just like a pro!

  1. Equipment Matters

    Make sure that your computer system is really fast so that the processing time is minimized. It is also better to spend few extra bucks on high-end software so as to get qualitative results. Your system should have enough RAM space to boost up speed and technically advanced processor to help you work faster and effortlessly, in order to come up with perfect videos.

  2. Pick the most suitable software

    Every software program has its own advantages and pitfalls. So before investing in one, it is better to check on different options and verify their performance level. However, it depends mainly upon the video editor as to how he works and what kind of techniques he is comfortable with. One should choose a video editing software program that suits his/her requirements, preferences and working style.

  3. Plugins to the rescue

    Adding special effects at certain strategic positions can enhance the overall brilliance of a video. This is actually imperative to avoid monotonousness. However, you don’t have to invest on expensive tools if your application restricts you from using certain special effects. There are a wide range of video editor plugins in the online market to choose from – that comes free as well as at cost-effective prices. These plugins will sync with any kind of video editing applications that you are working with. Be it the basic mask option, text insertion or quality enhancer – there is a plugin solution for all types of video editing.

  4. Shortcuts are the key to success

    Literally, yes! If you know the trick to work faster, then surely you can edit better, with more efficiency to beat deadlines. These days, every video editor gets down to the basics and learns about the easiest and quickest way to utilize his technical tools. ‘Knock down the mouse and hit the keyboard right away!’ To become a professional video editor, one has to get used to all the keyboard shortcuts as much as possible to get things done at a faster pace.

  5. Master the language

    No, we are not referring to the programming language. What we actually mean is, in order to coordinate with clients effectually one has to converse with them in the exclusive video editing language or terms. It is advisable to brush up your technical linguistic skills when it comes to video editing so that you can understand any kind of project better and help yourself to work more professionally. Well, you don’t want to end up referring to the special computer dictionary each time, when words like montage, B-Roll, Composting or Foley are tossed at you, right?

  6. Pep up with music

    Breathe in some life in the video by adding music to it. Think smart and creative. Check the mood of the video, then browse through some soundtracks and choose the relevant ones to match the visual settings. It will not only boost up the quality of video but you can earn few brownies for blending in some interesting audio texture. But ensure that whatever soundtracks you are incorporating, they are purchased or don’t violate any copyright fringes.

  7. Streamline your work process

    It is chaotic to work without having a proper system in place. One has to organize everything in order to avoid confusion and work seamlessly. Put things in order first – create separate folders for individual video elements that one would require in the long run. For example, it is better to maintain separate folders for images, soundtracks, video clips and so on respectively. Also, maintain a list of exports saved in appropriate format so that one can easily refer and pick up things when in need. This also helps to edit video effortlessly, without wasting time on searching items. Being systematic is in fact one of the basic professional video editing tips.

  8. An eye for color

    One of the crucial responsibilities of a video editor is to take care of the color correction. No matter what kind of footage it is, it is up to the video editor to uplift the quality of the visual by enhancing the color level of the video.

  9. Save it right

    Your entire hard work will go in vain, if you don’t save the video in right format. Take extreme care when you are exporting a video. Also, give a thought to the various mediums where the video is likely to be used. For example, there are different formats for each social networking site. So export the video accordingly or choose a format that is suitable for all.

  10. Serve the purpose

    The final output after the whole video editing process must have a clear logic. Editing a video is more or less like developing a story. By adhering to this unsaid rule, one can adeptly weave in the right ingredients while editing a video. The final product should serve the very purpose of making the video and communicate the idea that was meant to be shared.

  11. Additional things to improve a video

    You don’t have to be over-the-top-creative to come up with an impressive video. It is completely fine to stick to basics while carrying video editing transitions. Even with simplest effects, you can make wonders with the visuals. It’s just about maintaining consistency and building up the concept gradually.

    Don’t give space for the viewer to point out any discrepancies within the video. It is the only responsibility of the video editor to blend in together different visuals as one and polish the video. The editing must be done in such a way that there are no gaps or break in the flow of the content.

    While watching a video, the time factor matters a lot to the audience. If it is too long, the viewer will either skip the video or stop watching it halfway. So ensure that you don’t give too much footage for the title portions, instead save maximum space for the main content. The best option is to limit the title slots to four seconds or leave it towards the end of the video.

    Bring out the quality from the visual content by providing lower third titles for important personalities or scenes so that the audience will stay hooked on those portions.

    Every scene should be taken into account. It is futile to include those footages that don’t support the purpose of video or help in the movement of the story. For instance, it is not good idea to insert some random B-Roll shots that are irrelevant to the theme or mood of the video.

    Stay calm. This is the foremost rule of video editing. Being impatient or stressed out won’t help in making a perfect video. You have to patiently sit through all the editing sessions it takes to create that stunning output.

Remember it takes hard work, time, determination and creative juices to become a hotshot video editing service provider. You will have to consistently build on your skills and practice all the way, before you hit the expert zone.

We hope this article would have captured the best and latest video editing tips for you. Share with us if these have been successful in helping you to develop great videos.