XML DT book conversion for a UK based company

The Client

This client from the UK had approached us for XML DT Book Conversion services. We are happy to announce that we have been awarded a contract for 3 years by the company. The contract involves the production of more than 420,000 pages from both printed files and PDF titles. The project is challenging, and our experts have been proactive from the very outset. Here is a detailed information on the initial project that enabled us to get this contract.

The client is a private company, which collaborates with libraries from the local areas. They are focussed on providing physically impaired people with access to printed materials. The organization aims to provide taking eBooks to these disabled people. Our client has been producing Daisy Talking eBook since 2003.

Core features of DAISY

The company found us by searching online and were initially convinced by going through our website. They approached our eBook conversion company with hard copies of nearly 50 books on occult science and parapsychology. There were nearly 25, 000 pages and they were looking forward to digitize the books so as to make them accessible online and thus read worldwide.

Actually, the requirement in this case was to convert hard copies into MOBI and ePub format. They needed an IDPF certified team following proper quality control processes. We were selected by the client as we were IDPF certified. Also, our team was adept in providing typesetting services and it was crucial for them.

Before initiating the work, client asked us samples of previously done projects and we furnished them with the same.


A Daisy Talking eBook comprises of narration, ranging up to 50 hours. It is played on a CD-ROM disc. It is easy for the reader to navigate between the sections, chapters and pages. They can also take written or narrated texts anywhere in the eBook through various smart features integrated in it. It comes with bookmarking and other useful features.

Requirements of the client

The client approached us as they required the original prints to be converted into DAISY format. The XML meta tags had to be carefully applied, while the content was converted to the desired format. The experts at WinBizSolutions, at the first stage, had to convert over 100 books, with more than 20000 pages in one week. We accomplished the conversion process within the stipulated time. We also carried out the XML conversion process and completed the project within the agreed time.

Key challenges before us

It was necessary to scan the printed documents before we could proceed with the conversion process. Our experts used the OCR software to extract the ASCII code. Besides, they had to proofread the entire text to ensure high levels of accuracy. The illustrations and images had to be optimized, as per the industry standards.

Our DT book conversion solutions

At WinBizSolutions, our experts are backed by sophisticated technology. They used the high-grade capturing system, which comes with an advanced OCR engine. It also has an OCR to XML conversion tool, which comes handy during the DT book Format Conversion process. We focus on the quality of these services. Our experts took foremost care to ensure high-standards during the conversion process.

We integrated the necessary technology and scaled up the productivity to accomplish the task within the stipulated timeframe. The client was contended with our XML conversion services and has agreed to continue with our services. They have signed a 3-year contract us, this involves the conversion of both PDF and printed files into the DAISY format. Our prior experience in working with other firms for DT Book ePublishing, came extremely handy while accomplishing this project.  The project also involves extended delivery control, XML file delivery control and much more. Our experts are ready to accomplish the character-by-character proofreading process, integrating sophisticated software. You can Outsource DT Book Conversion Services to us for a dedicated support.

Outsource DT Book conversion services to WinBizSolutions

A large section of the publishers need DT Book conversion services. Most of these companies outsource these services to established service providers. The reason is, the volume of pages to be converted is very high, and the process involves the integration of sophisticated technology. We have been collaborating with clients across the globe over the years, catering to their requirements. You can enjoy scalable services at WinBizSolutions, and we tailor the conversion services according to the needs of each client. In case you need any support for DT Book XML format Conversion, feel free to contact us.

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