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Online ‘classroom’ learning is the latest fad and has become an eminent part of life. E-Learning is rapidly gathering the attention of people from all walks of life. It offers many benefits like easy accessibility, convenience, and flexibility.

One of the significant Pros of eLearning quoted by the learners is that it is cheaper than classroom learning and is being accepted by people who want to learn but can’t extract time from their busy schedule to attend physical classes.

This is why in this ever-evolving digital world, there are numerous ELearning Authoring Software programs available to make online learning easy for all.

But, before we do the knowledge sharing on Authoring Software…it is essential to know about it.

What is an Authoring Tool?

When you absorb any web content, there is always a mechanism behind it which the Authoring Tools do.

In simple words, an authoring tool or authoring software is a collection of software used by the authors to create or modify web content.

The primary job of these authoring tools is to make developing content more efficient and easy to grasp.

When you know what magic Elearning Authoring Software can bring to the web, you want to know more about it, especially the types.

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Types of Course Authoring Tools

When you think of creating quality web content, the first thing you’ll need is a powerful and widely acceptable Learning Management System (LMS). Also, It is wise to invest in first-class course authoring software for your business.

So, we’ve curated a list of the most preferred Online Learning Tools

  • Elucidat

    Elucidat is a fully-cloud-based Authoring tool that helps increase business performance and reduce costs by providing multi-facet interfaces like collaboration tools, template library, user-friendly design interface, and more.

    This is a more innovative way for knowledge sharing and digital learning that ultimately increases business performance.

  • Camtasia

    Camtasia is a whole package for Video creators. This is a video editing suite that includes features like simplified editing, screen recording, animations, audio FX, and more.

    In short, this tool helps in creating, editing, and publishing professional-looking videos.

  • Evolve

    Evolve is considered the most important eLearning Authoring Tool to create professional, up-to-date HTML5 eLearning content, courses and simulations.

    It integrates with SCORM, the Adapt Framework, TinCan, and various LMS programs.

  • Easygenerator

    Easygenerator is an all-in-one eLearning tool that helps in creating straightforward content. With the help of this tool, you can build a course from scratch with its unique features.

  • Articulate Storyline 360

    In the world of authoring software, Articulate Storyline 360 is a brilliant iOS application that enables optimization of online courses on various gadgets viz mobiles, iPads, tablets and more.

    The significant advantage of using this tool is that it aids in publishing content directly to HTML5, which ultimately helps in saving time and is also able to keep the interactive elements and animations intact, leading to engaging and interactive eLearning content.

  • Adobe Captivate 9

    For responsive eLearning content, this Adobe Captivate 9 course authoring tool is a must-have as it efficiently functions across various devices like iPads, tablets, desktops, laptops, and even all sorts of Smartphones.

    One of the significant advantages of this tool is ‘responsive design’ which means it can create content that can rearrange itself according to the screen size of the device it is open.

    In short, this gives the best user experience.

  • iSpring Suite

    iSpring Suite is previously known as iSpring Presenter, this tool aids in creating effective and powerful mobile presentations. These can be published in the format of HTML5. Using this online authoring software, the creator has the option to convert presentation slides into eLearning course content.

  • GOMO

    GOMO is cloud-based online learning software that empowers you to create web-style content. The app enables you to host your online and offline courses and ultimately eradicates the limitations caused by desktop-based tools.

  • Adapt Learning

    Adapt learning is the most preferred one out of eLearning tools. This tool has certain features unique to it. It runs on JavaScript and HTML5 code. This is why the responsive eLearning content can be easily accessed across an array of devices over various platforms and browsers. This means that this tool eliminates the need to create courses repeatedly to suit various channels.

    This is a one-shot creation of the course that simultaneously functions amazingly across multiple channels.

  • Activity

    Activity is a handy authoring tool for beginners; for using Raptivity, you need not be a pro as it does not demand any previous training or programming experience; this is a highlighting advantage.

    This tool allows the creator to publish the content in both HTML5 and Flash formats, helping create customized courses and unique interfaces.

  • Lectora Inspire

    Lectora Inspire is the first-ever authoring tool for ELearning purposes that supports the HTML5 output to deliver online courses across all channels.

    It supports both HTML5 media and Flash format. The best part of this tool is that it detects the content format uploaded and accordingly chooses the appropriate method to run it well.

  • Agylia

    Agylia can create HTML5 content in larger volumes. It enables the creation of rich content and multimedia for better know-how. This means that interactive features can be easily used and published across various digital devices with the help of this articulate software.

  • Essay Writer

    Essay Writer helps create high-quality content for eLearning courses. Written content can also be edited if this tool is uploaded before the course is published. Content matters a lot, and hence this tool is very significant.

  • Zenler Studio

    The creation of a practical eLearning course using PowerPoint is quite simple and easy with Zenler Studio.

    Two versions are available for this tool, namely ‘Zenler Studio’ and ‘web-based Zener’.

    Using this tool, the creators can use all the features of the authoring software, but learners can also keep track of it.

  • DominKnow One

    DominKnow One tool combines Claro (Traditional Authoring Tool) and DominKnow for simulation capabilities, screen capturing, and responsive authoring.

  • Articulate Rise 360

    With the help of this Articulate Rise 360 eLearning authoring software, users can produce and generate simple, beautiful, and fully-responsive eLearning courses in no time.

Best ELearning Authoring Tools: Criteria for Evaluation

When we talk about the criteria for evaluating any online learning tool, it is always good to keep track on:

Speed & Efficiency

  • TAT to produce quality content
  • Upgraded features for quick production
  • The format used for ease in streamlining & feedback
  • Multiple authors working simultaneously
  • Expertise required for using the app

 Elearning Output: A 360 Degree Analysis

  • The extent of customization
  • A Guide for built-in design
  • Kind of formats available


  • Ease of reuse, edit scale the eLearning content
  • Features supporting Import/Export
  • Tracing cost-efficiency
  • Options available for translations

There are upsides and pitfalls to all online authoring tools. So, before purchasing an authoring tool, be sure to take a trial run of the same. Else, you may also seek the assistance of any of the best e-learning developers.