Explanation on the Flash to HTML5 conversion services we offer.

WinBizsolutions offers its top-quality services to convert the content from Flash to HTML5. Flash is facing security issues and needs plugins to function and because of this, the use of HTML5 is on the rise. It functions brilliantly across varied devices including smartphones.

What is the target audience for this service?

The services offered by WinBizsolutions are for those people who have content that needs to be successfully converted from Flash to HTML5. This content can be in the form of websites, eLearning material, apps or games

What is the need to convert content from Flash to HTML5?

There are many reasons for the downfall of Flash. As Flash is no longer supported by Apple, Flash plugins do not function on those devices. The usage of Flash also gave rise to many security issues because of which cyber problems like hacking and downloading of viruses surfaced. As technology kept developing rapidly, Flash failed to keep up. HTML5 is a major improvement. It does not have any of the pitfalls that Flash suffers from. Apart from being a secure platform that does not require any plugins, HTML5 is also functional across all types of devices and hence, is way more accessible than Flash. Because of the above mentioned reasons, it is important to convert all content from Flash to HTML5. This is the reason why flash based content to html5 conversion is gaining this much popularity.

Is the HTML5 converted content accessible via mobile phones?

Yes, it is. One of the major advantages of using HTML5 is that it makes all this content available across all smartphones as well. It makes the content easily accessible. At WinBiz, we make sure that all the content has been properly converted to HTML5 so that it is mobile- friendly.

Is it really necessary to convert from Flash to HTML5?

One of the major problems with Flash is that it is not supported on mobile devices. Because of this, Flash users tend to have a very limited audience. If one desires to increase their customer base, they need to make a shift from Flash to HTML5. It is common knowledge that mobile phone users are increasing rapidly and this huge audience is completely missed when one does not convert from Flash to HTML5. So, migration from flash to html5 is something inescapable.

What effect will this conversion have on the business?

A very positive one, to say the least. When a transformation is undertaken from Flash to HTML5, it results in an instant increase in the client reach. As the reach of Flash stops at your personal computer, this content gets a really restricted audience. With the help of HTML5, this problem is completely resolved.

What are some common automatic conversions tool? How reliable are they?

Automatic conversion tools are available in the market but they work properly only in case of small SWF files for the purpose of availing interactive swf to html5 conversion. For a clean and smooth conversion from Flash to HTML5, a manual intervention is required.

If I am in possession of a highly complex Flash game or application, can that be converted from Flash to HTML5?

Yes. At WinBizsolutions, we are able to convert all Flash games and applications to HTML5, irrespective of how complex they might be.

If a Flash game/app has been created by using MVC architecture, is it possible to convert that to HTML5?

Yes, of course. It does not really matter what framework or architecture has been utilised to create the Flash format content. We are fully equipped to convert this content from Flash to HTML5.

Can an interactive story, in the Flash format, that involves a lot of animations and sound effects be converted to HTML5?

Yes, it can be. For HTML5, one major point to note is that the file needs to be as small as possible because this file needs to run on mobile phones as well. Where the interactive story has a lot of sounds and animations, they need to be optimised so that they require very less space in the mobile device.

Is it possible to convert Adobe Flash apps, that use MXML framework, to HTML5?

Yes, it is. Even though conversion is not possible, the content can be recreated in HTML5 or CSS3. This recreated content would have the similar look and feel as when it was in Flash. It should be noted that it requires a longer time to go from Flex to HTML5 as opposed to when the content is converted from Flash to HTML5.

What is the performance of the HTML5 version like? What role does WinBizsolutions play?

The role of WinBiz is to ensure that the performance of the HTML5 version is on point. Extra attention is given to optimizing all the images, sound effects and animations so that they are not lost during the conversion process. The end result when we convert flash website to html5 or in case of any other type of conversion is a fully optimised performance of the content.

How different is the HTML5 content from the Flash content?

Ensuring that there is no difference in the content, we pay extra attention to the details and put in all the efforts required to make sure that there is nothing lacking.

What are the tools that are used by DART for conversion of content from Flash to HTML5?

Commonly, tools like Edge Animate and Flash CC are used. Other tools are also available in the market. The authoring tools are chosen according to the requirement of the customer.

For convert flash to html5 services what is the time taken and cost charged?

Only a close estimate can be given because the time and cost depends from case to case. The major determining factor is how the concerned Flash file was created. For files that are being run on older versions of Flash, more effort needs to be extended. When the file is complex, again, it requires more time. We determine the scope of work which will be undertaken by reviewing the files and then, put forward the time needed and the payment that will be charged.

How frequently do you communicate with your customer, once the conversion process starts?

At WinBizsolutions, we aim to establish a good relationship with our client. As soon as the conversion process starts, we engage in periodic conversations with our client to keep him abreast with all the developments. We welcome feedback and constructive criticism. The client is most welcome to give his feedback or comment on the conversion process even when the process is going on. Instead of waiting till the process has fully completed, we like to take the feedback as we proceed so that the client’s requirements and needs can be incorporated. This saves time that would be spent later, to correct all issues that the client might have.

What is the first step to make my content mobile-friendly?

Well, the first step is to contact us and we assure you that we will look after the rest. You can get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.