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Illustrations on books make them better presentable to the audience. When accurately designed, illustrations on books make it easy for the readers to understand the concepts and themes. It enhances the potentiality of the written materials to influence the purchase decision of a buyer. While vibrant illustrations dominate books for children, these can also be effectively incorporated on other books like medical, healthcare, wildlife and so on. Various charts and diagrams are also used in these books. WinBizSolutions provide creative book illustration services for our clients, enhancing the looks of their outer covers.

Our experts provide a wide variety of custom book illustration services. We work in collaboration with the publishers and authors, leveraging the class of the publication. It is an important element in a books marketing strategy and hence hold immense relevance. It attracts the eyes of the customers, enticing them to explore the contents of the book. A book with great cover design is always picked up from the shelf and it is in fact the very first step that any publisher wants their prospects to take.

Custom book illustration services at WinBizSolutions

The professional book illustrators with us are adroit in designing all type of illustrations. You may be looking for a traditional design using pencils, watercolors and paints; we can avail. Our experts also make use of modern methods with illustration software to craft designs that perfectly suits your books. Our designers take pleasure in tailoring the illustration services for our clients. We have been serving the industry for long. An impressive track record speaks for our commitment and professional expertise.

Our trained team of professionals have immense experience in designing illustrations for books. Convey your concepts to us and our experts will translate them to a stunning artwork. You can outsource book illustration services falling under below categories to us

Book cover illustration

A large section of readers chooses the books according to the design on their covers and this fact has to be accepted even though it is obvious that the perfection of cover design never testifies the inside content quality. They look out for the graphic elements, fonts, colors, images, taglines and so on. We design the covers according to the plot of the book, writing styles and approach. Our experts also design illustrations for eBooks and soft copies.

Comic book illustration

We create illustrations for comic books as well. You will find the right blend of innovation and know how in our designers.  Our experts can design comic-strips a well as full-page comics. These provide entertainment to both children and adults. We incorporate edge-cutting software and technology for comic book illustration designing. In these books, visual elements are used to narrate a story. Our designers concentrate on the theme of the story and craft seamless output. You may also count on us to develop the panels for comics. These are connected by using storyboards, breathing coherency between different design elements and panels.

Cartoon illustration

The creative edge of WinBizSolutions comes handy to the clients in designing illustrations for cartoon characters. These are used in different animated movies, mascots, comics and other creative designs. Our team of experts are experienced in crafting illustrations for children books. You can count on us for creating different caricature for books, for both children and adults. Various organizations, too, need cartoon illustrations to market their products. We make them visually appealing, boosting up the level of interest for the readers.

How we craft book illustrations?

Holding a renowned title in the arena of book illustrators in India, we always follow our proven five step illustration process which includes


    We comprehend the need for illustration, its script and graphical elements


    Expert illustrators make rough drawings and sketching, and illustrate the story board


    Presented to client for their review and feedback


    Modifications and improvements in accordance with client suggestions


    Illustrated book files on demanded medium is  completed and dispensed to clients

Why choose our digital artwork services?

At WinBizSolutions, we bring you a vast array of book illustration services. From sketches to cartoon designs, you can reach out to us with any type of requirements. We also craft illustrations for educational, business and entertainment purposes. We stand apart from other companies because of the following reasons

  • We work in close association with authors and publishers to craft illustrations that create an impact in the minds of their audience.
  • High-quality service ensures optimum satisfaction of our clients. You will appreciate the value we give to your investment.
  • You may need the illustration in a particular format. Our experts present the illustration according to the recommendation of the clients.
  • The software we use are upgraded and customized to suit the standards of the industry.
  • From color palette to illustration style, our experts ensure that all the recommended features are accurately incorporated in the final product.
  • We provide the services at competitive costs. We never compromise with the quality of these services, even though the prices are low.

Our illustrations are striking and attract the readers instantly. You may be planning to launch a comic book, books with instructional guidelines, educational book or books for children. Our assistance will be of vital help for you. We as one of the most reputed professional book illustration companies stick to the agreed deadlines, delivering services in quick-time. You will get the best standards of services on our platform. Our experts can produce exactly what you need, tailoring the services as per your requirements.

Our experts can produce exactly what you need, tailoring the services as per your requirements.


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