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Medical Illustration of Human Brain

Illustration service by WinBizSolutions helps in conveying medical information through precise depictions for various medical fields. The science and medical scenario is dynamic and changes rapidly. New discoveries are made every now and then. Therefore medical representations done accurately for textbooks, scientific journals and publications by a professional company offering medical illustration services are really vital.

We have extensive experience in creating medical illustrations for diversified clientele encompassing universities, scientific communities, magazines, research bodies related to medical field, etc.

Prominent Biological Illustration Services we offer

  • Surgical illustration

    Illustrations for training manuals, research presentations & advertisements.

  • Anatomical illustration

    Depictions of various body aspects like individual systems & cross-sections.

  • Ophthalmology illustration

    Images of precise eye details including cross-section and related processes.

  • Veterinary illustration

    Illustrations for veterinary medical uses.

  • Dental illustration

    Descriptions of face anatomy, dental problems, surgery processes, etc.

Medical Illustration Services from WinBizSolutions

WinBizSolutions offers exceptional medical illustration and design services catering to a diversified clientele. The proficient services helped us to build a strong base in India and gradually expand our services all around the globe. A very refined and polished combination of medical knowledge with advanced tools and techniques along with artistic elements are applied to create appealing illustration designs.

Our Clinical Illustration Service Areas include

Staff Training

medical staff training

Like many other industries, the medical field primarily demands staff training. In the medical domain, training should be done very carefully with precision. Even a minute mistake in detailing and interpreting a substantial point cannot be ignored, as it may lead to serious consequences thereafter. Making use of medical illustrations is the finest approach to successfully explain and make the medical professionals aware of any simple or complicated concepts and procedures very neatly.

The need for being continuously updated applies to each and everyone in the healthcare field without exception even to senior most Doctors. Hence, the best-sorted method is Continuous Medical Education (CME), in which WinBizSolutions has an established status of providing the best-in-class solutions and material supports.

Educating Patients

patient awareness campaign

Making patients aware and understand about their health status and medical concepts is a challenging, yet demanding task in healthcare field. Our medical illustration designs are appreciated for their clarified and qualified description, which our clients find easier and really helpful in conveying their therapeutic conditions.

Nowadays, virtually all healthcare institutions have a trend of displaying self-treatment procedures on display boards or walls. We have a good track record of serving all such clinical illustration services for several past years.

Pharmaceutical organizations

pharmaceutical industry

While developing the best and effective medicines for humans, the knowledge about the body parts and their functions is vital. We are skilful designers when it comes to illustrating the processes of human body with minuscule detailing, which is of the best use for any pharmaceutical company.

Diagnosis and Treatment

disease diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis using illustrations has a wider perspective. It helps to accurately diagnose a disease in very less time giving more options to treat it soon. Our prime quality illustration design services have gained huge demand on a global basis. Proper visualization results in accurate determination of the cause and effects of a disease. Hence, the most appropriate treatment can be provided to the affected persons.

No matter if it is a general physician or dentist or surgeon, medical illustrations are of great help.

Online and Mobile – related Apps

healthcare application

Besides being technology driven, present generation is best to be called “knowledge hunters” by all means. The introduction and influence of mobile and internet applications has not missed the medical field too. We are the top service providers in rendering the illustration services for the medical apps which are highly qualified as both informative and relevant to the health topics.

We are keen to create apps in a very eloquent but simple format which can be easily understood even by a common man.

Medical business services

healthcare business

Right from developing the correct formula for medicine to making it accessible to a patient, the medical illustrations has great role to play. We have a wide range of clients, even hospitals and individual medical representatives use our illustrations to impressively demonstrate the products or processes.

Advertising firms

advertising illustration

Marketing is an inevitable part of the medical industry too. Any advertising be it, traditional brochures, posters or latest online ads, all require visually engaging designs. From a business point of view, they are best suited to drive traffic and earn more customers, buyers, and investors in your firm. We undertake and ensure professional and affordable medical illustration services for advertising medical tools and equipment as well as pharmaceutical products and services.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Medical Illustration Requirements to Us

We are one of the most reputed names in the domain of custom illustration design. The way we do things and the commitment we show towards the job we do separates us from others in the industry. Our effort has always been to stay in the vanguard of brilliance and we have succeeded in the same. On working with us, you can enjoy the underlying benefits.

  • When you outsource to us, stay assured of impeccable quality.
  • Team with us work strategically to deliver work on time as we realize how important it is.
  • Our depictions are detailed and highly expressive to provide accurate details.
  • We specialize in animal illustrations and can deal efficiently with every complex concept involved.
  • There is a separate team of qualified professionals who guarantee the best illustrations for surgeries.
  • Specific body systems like tendons, skeletons, muscle, etc. are exceptionally illustrated.
  • We are one among the best medical illustration companies that try to offer bottom rock rates.

Not just doctors, scientists or scholars but even patients are curious to know what is happening or going to happen in their body. Understanding these apprehensions, we consider this job as noble and do everything feasible to benefit all those who associate with us. Illustrations by us eliminates worries in patients and give exact insights to doctors.

Apart from medical artworks we also design biological, biomedical, molecular, scientific illustration and more.

For top-notch, uncompromising and industry standard medical illustration services, hire our team.

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