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We were approached by a client running a recruitment portal focussing on the Middle-eastern regions. The online portal was used by over 7 million professionals from varied job categories and sectors. Our client was based in Dubai and over years, he had developed the portal as a job-search hub for both expatriate as well as local talents. . Currently, the portal successfully serves more than 5000 recruitment agencies and employers in the region.


As a part of his business’s expansion strategy, the client needed animation services from us to showcase his offerings to employers and job seekers in a more innovative and understandable way. After considering many options, the company selected us owing to our track record of excellence in offering animation-related services. We had worked in the past with some of the big names in the Dubai market and the feedback that this new client received about us was too impressive, which made him to contact us.


There were a few challenges that initially seemed as huge hindrances. But this is where experience comes handy; we could successfully address all those challenges.

The timeframe that the client allotted was really small. Also, there was not any particular guideline or input from the client’s end. Because of this, we had to make many modifications to fall in line with the client’s exact line of thought but without having the luxury of extending the time-frame. He was also very busy and the communication channel opted by him was only email. Thus, the responses were a bit delayed and our in-house team had to take many decisions on a real-time basis, in an independent way.


Initially, the internal meetings, discussions, and regular processes were executed briskly. Time was a real constraint and hence, we made sure that important steps were taken on time and in the most strategic manner.

The most creative and talented animators who were known for their pace and perfection were employed for the project. Being a professional and rationalized outsourcing animation services company, we equipped our animators with the latest versions of the most advanced software programs and tools.

We assigned a dedicated project manager to make sure that the client was always in the loop whenever critical decisions were made.


Animation is a computerized activity. People working with us are not just creative, but they are technically adept as well. This is why we are always able to meet or even exceed the expectations of our customers.

Though there were revisions, our team met the requirements of the client perfectly in terms of quality, creativity, and timeliness. The client was really happy and satisfied; he promised to reach us again whenever he would have any 2d and 3d animation services related requirement in future.

The client achieved significant cost reductions and profits by outsourcing to us. .

We guarantee the best results to businesses and have really flexible pricing in place to perfectly address our clients’ budget constraints. You may reach us directly or drop us a line to know more about our animation services prices or any other detail.

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