Fashion illustration case study

Client’s Profile

The client is a manufacturer based in London (U.K.) who deals with the production of kid’s fashion wear. It includes the manufacturing of both apparel and accessories for children, ranging from simple to designer wear.

Client Requirements

Just like others, the fashion industry also had to face a tough time to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Since the client was a manufacturer of kid’s fashion, it was difficult to draw sales for this category during the time of crisis. Other categories, like men and women, were performing quite well as compared to that the kids.

Judging the situation at that time, it was clear that most of the sales have to be done online. That is why the client decided to reach us for our fashion illustration services. But, before finalizing the project with us, they requested to view some of our illustration samples to confirm the quality of the outputs.

The main requirement of the client was to create high-quality digital fashion drawings for a wide range of apparel and accessories for children, ranging between the ages of 5-10. The different elements for which they assigned us to develop illustrations were shirts, tops, tees, bottoms, shoes, jewelry, watches, etc.

Challenges We Faced

The major challenges faced by our fashion illustrators while working on the project of the client are:

  • The client needed fashion illustration sketches for each clothing or accessory element.
  • 60-70 illustrations were required to be delivered every 24 hours.
  • A few revisions were done in between so that the results meet the client’s expectations.
  • After 15 days, the client again requested to increase the number of illustrations per day to 90.

Our Solution

The team of illustrators at WinBizSolutionsIndia devised the following solutions to overcome the challenges of the client’s project.

  • A team of two was involved in total to handle the project.
  • The first team was that of the illustration experts and the second team was responsible for quality.
  • An account manager was also assigned for the task to ensure that the workflow went smoothly.
  • Advanced software and tools, like Adobe Illustrator, were used for the design and development of illustrations.
  • The trail illustrations developed were sent to the client through secured channels to ensure that there is no data loss.
  • We inquired the client beforehand to know the desired format in which the files needed to be created.
  • Since the daily requirement of the client was around 70 illustrations, we always used to create more than that so that we never had to miss the deadline.
  • We successfully delivered a total of 250 illustrations within the given deadline as mentioned in the contract.


The project was completed on time and helped the clients to gain a fair amount of sales even during the time of the pandemic. Besides, the number of sales for the products gradually increased with time.

Illustrating a large volume of clothing and apparel illustrations can be a difficult job. However, by partnering with an experienced illustration outsourcing company like us, you will always witness sales and profits for your business.

Apart from this, you will also have a greater advantage over your competitors since you will be receiving high-quality outputs at cost-effective rates. In this case, the client wanted to save money as well as gain outputs of excellent quality and WinBizSolutionsIndia helped them a lot to achieve their organizational goals.

The team at WinBizSolutionsIndia consists of industry-best illustrators, graphic designers, and artists who can use their creativity to develop original artworks tailored according to the needs of the clients. The designs can be used for both digital and print media.

If you have requirements for the same, then feel free to reach us for a free quote or write to us to know more about our services. We can fluently communicate in English as well as other languages. So, no matter where you are or what language you speak, kindly visit our website to get started with your project today!

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