Fixed layout eBook conversion case study


A leading eBook publisher from UK planned to convert the most popular fairy tales for children into ePub format, starting with Grimm’s Tales.


We were outsourced the responsibility to reproduce books in ePub format while maintaining high levels of confidentiality.


The task demanded the conversion of heavily-illustrated complete pages into ePub format within a week. Compromising with the final quality was unthinkable and the publisher had budget constraints as well. Above all, the project had a bigger scope.


We initiated the project by creating a competent team of accomplished professionals with significant exposure to ePub conversion technology. The team was made to undergo brief project-specific training and was made aware of the client’s needs and expectations.

The available manuscripts were scanned and a blueprint was prepared using CSS to create eBooks with the exact layout corresponding to the page design of the source book.

Compatibility and integrity quotients of text-rich books and printed page formatting were ensured. The embedded images were fixed with proper coding to verify that they do not flow spontaneously to fit the screen size. Features such as Zoom- in, text search ability, and panning were coded.

Our coders painstakingly defined the pixel -specific page size for precisely controlling the object layout on the pages. Embedding of legible fonts, specification of proper text size, accurate positioning of images on page, and creation of  page spread in cases where the image spanned two consecutive pages were completed taking into account minute details for accomplishing mesmerizing results. All efforts were made to preserve the printed page layout.


All the issues faced by the client were eliminated and his business improved to a significant extent.


The first batch of eBooks delighted the client. The high quality fixed layout ePub conversion outcomes and adherence to the ePub standards of all major retailers brought enormous success to the client’s business. Not only did he he sign another contract with us, but also referred our services to his acquaintances as a token of gratitude.

The objective of exceeding our clients’ expectations in every project drives us to demonstrate high levels of commitment and to work towards continuous improvement.

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