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The client is an independent author and a self-publisher based in Sydney, Australia. He is a passionate writer and has created numerous books that mainly involved entertaining the children. Having achieved success in different entertainment genres for children, he now wishes to write books that can also educate the young audience. To make sure that his stories are engaging enough to glue the young reader’s mind into it, he wished to opt for our children’s book illustration services.


The client’s book consisted of 146 pages and he needed illustrations for every 3-4 page. It meant that we had to design nearly 50-60 illustrations for the book. He also wanted us to read it so that we can understand the theme and create suitable book illustrations for the same. Since the book consisted of short stories, the client wanted us to craft unique illustrations for each storybook characters and scenes.

The client discovered about our children’s book illustration services from one of his friends and knew that he could trust us. He contacted us to inquire about our services and immediately decided to work with us because of the following reasons:

  • Our efficiency in using the best software applications for creating illustrations.
  • Experience in creating illustrations to serve varied fields in the industry.
  • Engaging in multiple brainstorming sessions to develop new illustrations.
  • Ability to provide updates to the clients regarding the project’s progress.


Here are the different challenges that our team experienced while working on the process of creating illustrations for the client’s book.

  • The work included revisions since we needed to ensure that the illustrations met the client’s vision.
  • The revisions further resulted in limiting the time. Therefore, managing the time was also an issue.


The illustrator and creative artists at WinBizSolutionsIndia developed the following solutions for overcoming the challenges of the book illustration project.

  • Each illustrator in the team was given the task of creating illustrations for 20 pages.
  • The illustrators read the assigned pages before working on the illustrations.
  • A project manager was hired to supervise the work and provide the needed resources to the artists.
  • The team was responsible for developing sketches and sending them to the client for approval. If not approved, the client was requested to offer suggestions for the same.
  • After the approval, the team worked on the desired process of coloring, shading, highlighting, etc.
  • Once the illustrations were developed completely, it was sent to the QA team for quality checking.
  • The project was successfully completed within three weeks.


The client was appreciative of the work delivered to him. He was also happy the cost-effective rates of the services did not affect the final quality of outputs. The book was also featured on various publication portals and experienced good sales in the first month itself.

WinBizSolutionsIndia is one of the best companies in the industry specializing in providing professional book illustration services. We have a qualified and experienced team of creative artists, graphic designers, and illustrators to carry out all types of illustration design work for our clients. We offer a customized approach for each project we handle and make sure to cover their desired needs with efficiency and perfection. So, feel free to reach us with similar requirements so that you never have to compromise on your dreams.

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