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A start-up based in Philadelphia contacted us. The company was into advertising, web development, and branding services. The client required logo vectorization and design and that too within 48 hours. Besides, they needed several marketing materials including business card, banners, and letterheads, which had to display their logo.

They were a bit apprehensive initially as it was a new journey for them and their previous experience of outsourcing was not that pleasant. Because of this reason, they openly communicated to us their concerns and doubts with specific requirements along with terms and conditions. The client knew exactly what they wanted and this made our tasks much easier.

Being new to the field, they wanted a team capable of not just completing their logo within the timeframe; but they actually wanted to work with professionals who would understand their vision and create design that would reflect the same.


The process of logo design is never an easy task. It needs high-level of brainstorming.  Besides, a plethora of factors need to be taken into consideration. Designing a logo within 48 hours and as per the specific demands of the client initially seemed to be an impossible task. It was challenging because there was virtually no time for discussion. The client’s demand of crafting a logo that would truly reflect the company ethos made the task even more challenging. As the company was a start-up, its goals were numerous, but there was no history to refer to. So, the only option left was to scrutinize the company’s goals closely and find inspiration to produce something creative.


As a prominent and creative logo design company, we are always driven by challenges. We quickly called up a meeting of some of the best designers who are known for their creative thoughts and swift responses. The project was presented in detail and the available information was discussed comprehensively. The next step was to create 5 teams with two professionals in each team. Each team was asked to come up with a logo sample and within 24 hours, they reached back with samples. Our creative head had a quick check on those and he found them remarkable.

These samples were sent to the client which helped him understand the calibre and capabilities of the WinBizSolutionsIndia team. They reverted with the style they liked but still provided some suggestions for modifications. In fact, this helped us a lot to understand more in detail about the client’s business and their expectations with our logo design services.

We refined the logo as per the feedback of the client and sent back the updated version to them. It was instantaneously accepted without any more modification demand. Soon after that, we allocated an experienced resource to work on the project. He used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator effectively for logo vectorization.

After its completion, 2 samples of business card, letterheads as well as banners were also created. All these works were passed on to our quality specialists and it was only after their approval that we forwarded the work to the client. The client selected one design from each set and no more samples or modifications were demanded.


The client declared that the logo created by us exactly represented their brand values. They got beyond what they expected and the accuracy was 100%.  They had the same opinion with regard to the other marketing materials that we designed.

Impressed by the services we provided, they even outsourced to us their clients’ work and our association is still going smooth and strong. Additionally, they even referred us to others.

We emphasize a lot on innovation and this helps us stand out from the competition. Want to know more? Reach us right now!

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