The Brief of the Project

The client who contacted us was a leading ergonomic office furniture company based in Zurich, Europe. They wanted us to provide furniture 3d design support for their newly introduced office furniture, which is one of a kind in terms of comfort and design.

They have already heard about our 3D design services from one of our clients in the UAE and were quite excited to get their office furniture designs done by our team of expert 3D designers.

The client wanted us to create the 3D designs from scratch to highlight the elements that can help them stand out from the competitors and generate curiosity among prospects.

Client Details

The client who reached us for furniture 3d modeling services is a renowned ergonomic office furniture company based in Zurich and has had an offline and online presence since its inception and is dominant in most of the market segment.

They launched a new style of ergonomic chairs lately for office and professional purposes and wanted it to be another leap of success for them. These chairs were from the ergonomic section and were designed to give comfort in the office and professional spaces.

The Project Challenges

The client wanted us to work on their 3D designs from scratch for their newly introduced ergonomic chairs. Also, they wanted us to create designs that suit augmented reality, and the customers can view their furniture in the spaces they like to make purchases.

They informed us that their AR work done by other services was not up to the mark in the past, and they had very few leads. Hence, they wanted us to focus on that part at first and create AR-friendly designs.

Also, they wanted us to create designs in such a way as to give them a fresh look and a new perspective.

Our Solution

Being a leading 3d modeling company, we understood our client’s pain points well and built a team of experts assigning them the work as per their expertise. We provided our client with the best solutions, including-

  • To create designs from scratch, we used real photos of the furniture to bring out the exact design of the furniture and add our new perspective to enhance the designs.
  • For augmented reality purposes, the goal was to create designs that look real to life, and the transition from AR is easy without any scope of difference. Our experts strive to optimize models that meet the requirements of the client.
  • We also researched the type of designs and elements in vogue that help in enhancing the product to make it look up to date.
  • The research was implemented in the designs, and the output was beyond what words can describe.

The Execution

As we provided our client with the solutions and suggestions, the next step was execution, and we followed a step-by-step process to get what was desired.

Step 1: Our team of researchers did research to understand the market trends and get an idea of customers’ perspectives.

Step 2: A mix of both client’s brief and our research was implemented while creating designs. We also used our updated technology to get captivating results, especially for the augmented reality version of designs.

Step 3: Once we had the first draft ready, it was passed through multiple quality checks before reaching the client for their feedback.

Step 4: Soon after the quality check was done, the client sent the designs, and suggestions were taken for improvements.

Step 5: The full and final results that passed all the approvals were sent to the client and marked as the ‘final copy.’

The Result

The output was a mix of the client’s brief and our research and expertise in 3D design and AR. The client was beyond satisfied with the output, and their excitement was raised when they launched these designs in the market and started gaining immediate traction.

These furniture designs were seamless with no issues in transition and generated leads and conversion for the company. These designs were another leap of success for the company.

Words from a Happy Client

“They are 3D furniture modeling geniuses, and what we have heard about them is quite right. We are so happy with the kind of professional work they deliver and how seamless the whole journey was for us!

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