PDF to Excel Data Conversion Case Study

We always consider customers at the center of our business. Being in the industry for several years now, we have helped businesses grow with us, and here is one such success story from a customer based in Florida.

Read more and understand how we have assisted this customer with our PDF conversion services.

About the Client and the Requirement

The Client was a Professor based in florida searching for a data conversion service provider. The requirement was a massive PDF that was to be converted for a specific project.

The most challenging part was the swift periodic delivery expected by the Client.

The conversion requirement was huge, and the expected timeline was very short.

How did we approach it?

  • It started with a Trial Phase 

    Initially, the Client wanted to test our data conversion service provider expertise. We had an amazing resource allocated for the Client, who worked for the whole day without deviations. The PDF files were provided to us via Dropbox, and during the trial period, we converted few lines of the provided PDF within the specified time.

    The same was sent for review, and upon getting the client’s confirmation, we proceeded further.

  • Stepping onto the Full-Time Contract

    Based on the performance and satisfaction of the Client during the Trial phase, we proceeded with the full-time contract for the project. This is where we had to work on the massive volume of the PDF files to be converted into Excel in a very short period.

    Based on the requirement, we had to allocate resources on a full-time basis to complete the task on time. More than 200000 lines of data were to be converted into the Excel version.

    We had received the data through Dropbox, and the converted output was delivered via the same platform for easy data retrieval.

What was the Business Impact on the Client?

The Client was excited about the quick conversion of the huge data. The quality of the conversion was deeply admired, and we were equally delighted to fulfill the needs of our customer in every possible way.

This conversion helped the Client to make use of the available data efficiently. The specialists in the company could analyze the data to be better utilized for the growth of the business. It requires a lot of effort to convert the data from the PDF format to Excel format.

How did the Client get benefitted?

  • Easy and quick retrieval of data as requested
  • Saved time and efforts while enhancing the business
  • Accuracy in the conversion helped for better decision making
  • Helpful in data analysis

Data in Excel is always better than data in any other format. The efficient utilization of the data could be done in Excel, and hence the Client was happily working with the converted data and could reap the benefits of associating with a professional Data Conversion Service provider.

Moreover, the conversion of PDF data into Excel was a big boon for the Client as he could visualize and use the data for various purposes. The Client very much enjoyed the data representation with exceptional quality and accuracy.

On the whole, entering the data manually into spreadsheets might always be daunting and time-consuming. Rather, with this excellent PDF to Excel conversion program, the Client was able to enjoy a lot of benefit within less time.

Hear from our Happy Client

“Initially, when I approached the team at WinBizSolutionsIndia, they were very confident in the conversion process and we were very much happy with the performance during the trial period. The team had done excellent work in a very short span of time and the experts working on it are really awesome. The great thing is that we found the quality of work relay useful and we would be looking for more opportunities for associating with these guys. Really good work in terms of digital conversion.”

Want to Outsource Digital Conversion Services?

Well, if you are on the lookout for the best business partner for your PDF to Excel conversion services, we can help you in the best way possible. As a digital conversion service provider, we take pride in serving a global clientele from diverse industry niches. If you are interested in being a part of the journey, our experts are waiting to work on your project.