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Our Client

The client was an established Australian Real Estate company. The company was looking to expand their market share and reach by introducing a new mobile application that contained video overviews of the properties they sold. This real estate video editing case study would shed light on the level of expertise we hold when it comes to manipulation of videos for real estate purposes.

The Requirement

When the client approached us, they had been looking for a video editing agency that could offer extensive, affordable, and timely video editing services. They wanted to get the videos edited in a timely manner so that they could host them to the application that they were looking to launch on both Android and iOS platforms. The clients required us to:

  • Edit the videos that they had with them so as to create three-minute videos that could effectively provide overviews of the projects they were
  • They also needed us to comply with a range of quality standards that they had established for editing the videos.
  • The project also required to be completed on a weekly basis and with in a period of three months.
  • Since the project also involved a range of videos for numerous properties, the client needed us to offer an affordable package.

The Challenges

During the initial stages of the project , we were able to identify the challenges. We realized that the following challenges needed to be addressed:

  • There were many challenges with regard to the original footage provided to The challenges included shaky cameras, lighting issues, irregular pixelation and other issues that affected the quality of the videos.
  • The client needed to get the videos edited on a weekly basis and the number of videos to be edited was quite high.
  • We also found the footage shared with us to be of different resolutions and frame rates,which affected the pace of project execution.

How did the video editing team of WinBizSolutionsIndia address these challenges?

Though we identified the project to be an extremely challenging one, the growth and international prospects of the project were really tantalizing. We were also driven by the opportunity to undertake such an extensive and challenging project. As such, we approached the project through the following means:

  • The first thing we did was to create a strategic project execution plan that encompassed all sides of the project and the requirements of the client.
  • We constituted a special team for the project. The team consisted of a project manager, a quality team and several video editors. We also created a single point of contact who maintained communication with the client and updated about project progress.
  • The team was also requested to work for longer hours every day o that the client’s requirements could be met on a daily basis. An incentive program was also established to motivate the team for the project.
  • We also equipped the team with the best workstations and state-of-the-art video editing programs to carry out the project efficiently and on time.
  • The quality team was responsible for ensuring the quality of the project and they reviewed the work before deliverables were sent to the client.
  • We started the project creating three different videos to understand the quality and aesthetic preferences of the clients. Once the same was done, it was shared with the client and the changes were incorporated as per the client’s suggestions. Based on the sample, we also created a quality and aesthetic blueprint that was later used to edit other videos to match the needs, quality standards, and aesthetic preferences of the client.
  • After each week, a conference was conducted with the client to understand their comments and suggestions.

The results

At the end of the project, we were able to deliver the project well before the timeframe set by the client; thanks to our strategic planners and relentless efforts of the team.  We met about 98% of the quality standards and expectations of the client. Leveraging the professional real estate video editing services rendered by the team, the client was able to launch their mobile application on time. Satisfied with our professional and effective intervention, the client assigned a few more projects to us in the following months.

Do you have a project that needs the support of a professional team?

If you have a similar project that needs the support of a professional team of exceptional video editors, we can help you. Over these years, we have worked with numerous clients from domestic and international markets offering similar video post-processing services. With the right team, infrastructure, and expertise in the field, we can meet and exceed all your requirements at affordable rates. Contact our service support desk if you need our help.

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